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  1. unussapiens

    Soyuz TMA - With VC

    Updates on my Soyuz TMA with VC to suit. I can't be bothered finding the thread were I posted the original picutures, but there's enough of them floating around that they should be easy to find. Today's update is the Instrument Module. It's currently lacking in detail, but it should keep you...
  2. unussapiens

    Equations and their pronumerals

    I have been looking over the front cover equations on the Orbiter wiki (http://www.orbiterwiki.org/wiki/Front_Cover_Equations) and I would like to use them, but I haven't been able to find a list of what each pronumeral represents. Some are obvious enough, but I'm still unsure of a lot. It...
  3. unussapiens

    Which Modelling Software?

    I'm just interested in seeing who uses what for modelling. Please don't turn this thread into an arguement about which is best, but feel free to explain features etc.
  4. unussapiens

    Unity VC

    A while ago (late last year) I started work on an ISS addon. Earlier this year I decided to make a virtual cockpit for it. I have already posted a couple of screenshots of it in one of the SSU threads, but I decided it was time to make my own. The main exterior textures were made by kendo and...
  5. unussapiens

    XFLR5 - Aerodynamics Simulator

    A while ago someone asked for an aerodynamics simulator. After looking around a bit I have found XFLR5. The biggest problem with it is that it doesn't allow you to import models in formats other than .wpa (A custom format for XFLR5). I am currently testing a method of recreating models in...
  6. unussapiens

    M6's Technicalities

    I just decided I would check if M6 was working yet, and I discovered that the server was up, and I was lucky enough to gain access to the installation screen: I decided not to click any buttons in case I did some damage, but I have a feeling that it should not have been quite so publicly...
  7. unussapiens

    Model of a Human

    I have decided to finally model a human. I've spent a fair few hours (I'm not sure exactly how many) working on it. It's fully poseable (using armatures) and all textures were generated using The GIMP and it's default scripts. What do you think? I know the shoes need a lot work (they were...