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  1. astrosammy

    Hardware Orbiter not recognizing GPU

    I only have the RGB emulation in my 3D device list, the GTX 770 in my new computer is not recognized, both in 100830 and the newest beta (and the good old 060929). Always enumerate devices is checked, drivers are up to date, and it works perfectly with the D3D9 client. The installation process...
  2. astrosammy

    News Contact lost with 777-200ER of Malaysia Airlines

    Subang ATC has lost contact with flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, scheduled to arrive at 06:30 (three hours ago if this is Beijing time): http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/en/site/dark-site.html The plane was enroute at 35000 feet over the Gulf of Thailand according to avherald...
  3. astrosammy

    German Aerospace Day 2013: Final Planes (almost)

    As you can see, long lines in front of the planes to get inside them, to long for me: Some Luftwaffe stuff. CH-53G, Tornado IDS and Eurofighter: 46+10: 30+69: A-300 F-BUAD is coming, sadly not under own power. Oldest flying Airbus plane:
  4. astrosammy

    German Aerospace Day 2013: More Planes

    BO 105 D-HDDP: A Transall C-160 50+55 from the base in Wunstorf: A310 10+24, MedEvac: Government aircraft, A319CJ 15+02: Parked far away at its usual position is one of the two A340-300: Another government aircraft, Global 5000 14+01: One post of plane pictures is left, then...
  5. astrosammy

    German Aerospace Day 2013: Planes!

    Fat nose :P: About to be ingested: 767-400F N312UP: Super Puma of the federal police: A320 D-ATRA, the Advanced Technology Research Aircraft. Has fuel cells for auxiliary power: C208B D-FDLR, "flying auditorium": Dassault Falcon 20E D-CMET, used for atmospheric research:
  6. astrosammy

    German Aerospace Day 2013: Control centers and a mockup

    I made a great trip to Cologne yesterday, and I have a lot of picture to share. I'll post a few on my blog each day. Of course many former and current Astronauts were there. I saw Hans Schlegel, Thomas Reiter, Reinhold Ewald, Léopold Eyharts, Frank De Winne, Andreas Morgensen and Thomas...
  7. astrosammy

    Pictures Part 3

    And Bergen (ENBR) A C-130 And one of the nice 737-800s of Norwegian (LN-NOC)
  8. astrosammy

    Pictures Part 2

    Haugesund (ENHD) Sørstokken (ENSO)
  9. astrosammy

    Pictures Part 1

    ERJ-170 F-HBXD in Hanover (EDDV) Delta 767 at Amsterdam (EHAM) 737-700 PH-BGH, my next plane Waiting for a Delta A330-300 N810NW returning from runway 36L after some problems. First view of the coast south of Stavanger Stavnager (ENZV)
  10. astrosammy

    Off we go into some nice blue pla-anes...

    ...flying high into the north! Sadly, I don't have enough time to pre-fly both legs in FSX. Anyway, here's a shot: It should be easy to guess via which Airport I'll be travelling today... It was a rather quick decision to fly to Norway again this year, from Hanover to Bergen, on a ERJ-190...
  11. astrosammy

    Hardware Split images to large for RAM

    I'm just trying to create a high resolution Earth texture, using the December image available here as source. A level 8 texture of the 2km/pixel version was easy. But as I'd like to create higher resolutions I have to use the 500m/pixel version. It is 86400 x 43200 pixels in size, splitted into...
  12. astrosammy

    Project Gale Crater

    Still a lot of work to do, but for those who can't wait to land there, here's a mesh of MSL Curiosity's target, with a scenario of Shuttle-A standing at the targeted landing site at landing day. Around that position, vessels will stand on the surface of the mesh, so they will not sink through or...
  13. astrosammy

    LUA Script based vessel: Thruster not working

    Ok, I've been trying to get this running for a hour, but somehow the Probe doesn't want me to get it working. I've created a thruster and added it to the main group. As you can see, a fueltank is also created. But when I try to ignite it, nothing is happening. I checked the number of thrusters...
  14. astrosammy

    News Peru UFO/meteorite (Plane?)

    http://www.examiner.com/unexplained-phenomena-in-national/ufo-peru-identified-as-falling-meteor-not-so-fast-video http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2030428/Meteorite-Peru-leaves-forest-fires-wake-Cusco.html http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/08/26/501364/main20097748.shtml That...
  15. astrosammy

    SDK Question Using keys in a plugin module?

    I'm just trying to write a little autopilot plugin, and want to switch it on and off by some key (let's say F5), but I just don't get it working. Here's the code, nothing is happening when I press F5: #define STRICT #define ORBITER_MODULE #include <Orbitersdk.h> DLLCLBK void...
  16. astrosammy

    [GER] TV: "Hubbles abenteuerliche Rettung"

    Heute Abend auf arte:
  17. astrosammy

    Tutorial KSC LC-39: Slat's LC39-EAFB 2006 in Orbiter 2010

    As I posted in another thread before, having beautiful Shuttle launches with Slat's pads and the default Orbiter 2010 Cape Canaveral is possible with some little changes in two config files. Ok, lets start. First you should make sure that you have Orbiter 2010 and Shuttle Fleet for Orbiter...
  18. astrosammy

    Discussion Flight Visualization in Google Earth

    If you look at some of Igels and Thortons add-ons, you'll see how cool it is to see your launches in Google Earth. I thought that there needs to be a way to do it with all vessels, so I wrote a little Plugin that does this. Currently it is very simple, all trajectories are simple white paths...
  19. astrosammy

    API Question PMI problem: getting three vectors into one

    This is what I did wrong, three vectors, but only one is allowed: SetPMI (_V(3.1,0,0), _V(0,3.42,-0.4), _V(0,-0.4,0.68)); How do I get the three vectors (from shipedit.exe) into the correct format for the SetPMI function? Is it just a simple calculation, like addition of the vectors?
  20. astrosammy

    API Question Thruster problems

    I just ran into a problem while creating the module for my ship. When I ignite the main engine, it has no thrust, and the touchdown points seem to be deleted, causing the ship to sink. Here's the code: #define STRICT #define ORBITER_MODULE #include <orbitersdk.h> const double SHIP1_FUELMASS =...