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  1. Felipi1205

    Internet The Earth is not rotating??? WTF!

    I CAN'T BELIEVE ON IT!!! :suicide: :facepalm:
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    Project GEP New Generation - Galileo

    Let's go to the next project of my old idea, the GEP new generation. The second spacecraft is now based on a model of the NASA's Eyes in the Solar System. Ladies and Gentlemans, here is the Galileo's first screens: As the texturization isn't complete, I can't show the entire model... I hope...
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    Problem Problem using Mindblasts' Mesh converter

    Hello. I'm using this amazing tool in 3ds Max 9, I used it some times before. Now I'm having a problem that I couldn't solve. When I tried to convert a model, I'm having this bug: --Unknow property: "filename" in CheckerPattern:Checker strTextureFileExploded = filterString...
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    Iron Hill Mission Updates

    Here is the first post of a new thread : the Iron Hill Mission Updates! Here I'll explain everything you wanna know about the Iron Hill project, the astronauts, the experiments and some extra things. Any questions about the Iron Hill project and the related missions? Post it here! Soon I'll post...
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    Question How to create UMmu space suits?

    I want to create new space suits fot UMmu, but without changing the default meshes... How can I do it? PS: I'm NOT a coder...
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    [PT] Reunindo a comunidade Orbinauta que fala português!

    Eu notei que tem alguns brasileiros e uns portugueses chegando aqui no orbiter, se quiser dizer que está aqui dá só um oi, se precisar de ajuda vamos falar aqui também, pra facilitar... Primeira vez que falo em português no Forum!!!!:tiphat:
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    Venusian Alien! They're crazy?

    I was searching about venus and I saw that: Life spotted on Venus Says Russian scientist, Jan 22, 2011. They're crazy! They noticed the protection of an instrument of the Venera spacecraft, it was jettisoned...
  8. Felipi1205

    Problem PLTEX and Texture edited in Photoshop

    I'm trying to post a new texture for the planet Mercury, but colored. I used Photoshop to apply some colors, but when I try to convert using the pltex, the .tex file hasn't colors. What's the problem? Is the Photoshop? Is the pltex? I need help! Thanks
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    Problem Problems with Ctrl+F1...

    I have this terrible bug! When I load the scenario, everything is fine, but when I try to see the camera menu, pressing Ctrl+F1, the Orbiter crashes! I hate this problem!!! How can I solve this?
  10. Felipi1205

    Search Cool stuff for D3D9

    I was using the OGLA, it's very beatiful, but isn't compatible with my computer, so now I'm using the D3D9. It's OK with my PC, but there's no special effects, like a different ambient light for each planet, normal maps, raytraced atmosphere, and a terrain generator (Orulex isn't compatible)...
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    Error Problems with OGLA and Orbiter 2010

    When it loads, the MFDs are white, and in one second, the OrbiterNG shows a message error. Here is the OGLA.log file: 18/01/2012-01:14:35:[START ]:------------------------------------------------------- 18/01/2012-01:14:35:[INIT ]:OGLA v110130 (GLGR) 18/01/2012-01:14:41:[GPU INFO...
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    Project Space Shuttle Cygnus

    Last week I created my own space plane. Bigger than the Space Shuttle, the Cygnus is the futuristic Space Shuttle. Featuring an EDO-pallet for long duration missions, the Cygnus can spend 2 months in LEO. The scram engines can help during the landing. And it's payload bay is very big. Here is a...
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    Request New meshes and textures for Buran v4.8

    Hi! Some days ago the Dave's Buran 4.8 was posted at OrbitHangar, but the model is from 2005, very outdated! I love the main Shuttle Fleet models, but this old Buran model isn't very realistic because of the nosecone without details, and the black area inside the payload bay doors, and the...
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    Bug Problem With Shuttle Fleet v4.8 P1

    When I downloaded the Shuttle Fleet v4.8 P1, I tested the STS-1 scenario, checking the new white ET burnt markings, but when the SRB was separated, the ET was just like it was before. I talked with David413, but he said the problem is with me. But i reinstalled the update several times...
  15. Felipi1205

    Bug Space Shuttle Ultra MSVCR100.dll Crash!

    When I load a scenario using the new Space Shuttle Ultra, a window appears when the Orbiter is loading... it says: Wasn't possible to found the entry point of the proceed [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] in the MSVCR100.dll. What can I do to solve this problem?
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    Bug CVEL Delta II not appearing in Orbiter 2010-P1

    I'm trying to use the old CVEL Delta II on the Orbiter 2010 P1, I changed the location on the scenario to the Cape Canaveral but nothing appears! What can I do?
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    Project Grand Exploration Probes New Generation

    In my last add-on, I say in the comments about my new project, the Grand Exploration Probes with more spacecraft. The Orbiter needs of the Mars Pathfinder, Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express, JUNO, Mariner IV and updates in the Cassini-Huygens, Galileo, Voyagers 1 and 2, Pioneers...