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  1. statisticsnerd

    Project SpaceX SuperHeavy

    I set up a base on Mars, set the landing pad as target and missed it by just a few kilometers. I was heading towards it, then the suicide burn started and I ended up in a Martian canyon. One thing that went very well was that by trial and error, I managed to execute an aerocapture. That was...
  2. statisticsnerd

    Project SpaceX SuperHeavy

    Thanks for creating this wonderful addon! I completed the 10km hop as well as the mission where Starship lands in the water near Hawaii. My next adventure is going to be a Mars mission, picking the right launch window and bumping up the propellant level to 100% after reaching LEO (of course...
  3. statisticsnerd

    What is your favorite thing to do in Orbiter?

    My favorite is re-entering Earth's atmosphere in NASSP. Rolling the Apollo CM back and forth while watching the G's, making sure not to come in too steep or too shallow, is very enjoyable.
  4. statisticsnerd

    What music are you listening to?

    I've been listening to electronic music by Acrion lately. I'll Be There, Eternal Joy, and Gates to Heaven are my favorites.
  5. statisticsnerd

    Launch News SpaceX: Inspiration4 mission.

    We could go the conspiracy theory route and say that there was no one inside of the Dragon capsule that launched last night and the crew members were filmed at a set in Hollywood. LOL
  6. statisticsnerd

    Updates STS-135 Updates

    Agreed. I predict that SLS will either be quietly cancelled or there will only be one or two test launches and then it will be deemed unnecessary once Starship is ready. NASA does a good job with :probe:and training astronauts, but it looks like commercial launches will be the way to go in the...
  7. statisticsnerd

    Gaming No Man's Sky

    From the pictures and videos I've seen, No Man's Sky looks like a cross between Lisa Frank and someone's bad acid trip. I think I'll get it. I'm not expecting realism, but it looks like fun.
  8. statisticsnerd

    Question What games are you playing?

    I just beat Story mode for Red Dead Redemption 2 (would HIGHLY recommend, especially if you are into old western American culture). Now I'm messing around with MSFS 2020. It's quite a bit different from FSX, so there's a bit of a learning curve. So far, I've been making short flights between...
  9. statisticsnerd

    Phosphine detected in the atmosphere of Venus

    Definitely. However, unfortunately, a boring explanation is usually the correct explanation. Remember the star that was thought to be surrounded by a Dyson sphere and ended up just being dust? Before we get too excited, let's consider that the phosphine was most likely produced by...
  10. statisticsnerd

    Question Are astronauts insurable for life insurance?

    I was thinking about the upcoming SpaceX DM-2 flight and how Bob and Doug have hopefully kept their life insurance policies paid up in case something happens during the mission, but it got me thinking about life insurance for astronauts. Can they get life insurance, and if so, is it at normal...
  11. statisticsnerd

    Updates SpaceX DM-1 capsule lost during static fire test

    Thank God this happened during testing rather than during the planned DM-2 mission. Not only would people have died, but I can't imagine that NASA would ever trust SpaceX to send up astronauts on their rockets again. This is yet another reminder that spaceflight is very dangerous business.
  12. statisticsnerd

    Who will put people on Mars first?

    In my personal opinion, I believe that big, bloated space agencies like NASA have had their time (with Apollo 11 being the pinnacle of NASA's achievements). Now, there are private companies that run leaner and meaner without all of the red tape and politics involved with big government...
  13. statisticsnerd

    Changes in orbital trajectory over time

    I performed the TEI from the Moon and I've noticed that PeD of Earth gradually increases under time acceleration, and thus a few course corrections are needed. What causes that?
  14. statisticsnerd

    Do you ever think of your car as a spacecraft?

    The air conditioner is the environmental control system, rack and pinion + wheels is the gimbal, power steering pump is the gimbal motor, the steering wheel itself is the hand controller, the radio is the communication system, the GPS is the guidance and navigation system, fuel gauge shows the...
  15. statisticsnerd

    Apollo 11 CSM/LM Separation

    Yes, they are closed. When I flip the CSM/LM Sep 2 switch, the only thing that happens is that the docking probe detaches from the top of the CM. The CSM does not separate from the LM. I tried restarting the scenario and flipping the CSM/LM 1 Final switch instead, and the same thing happens...
  16. statisticsnerd

    Apollo 11 CSM/LM Separation

    I'm trying to get the CSM to separate from the LM in the Apollo 11 scenario in NASSP 7. I've gone through the checklist and for some reason it isn't happening. Is this a bug or operator error?
  17. statisticsnerd

    Gaming Roberts Space Industries: Star Citizen

    I just discovered this project, and I can't wait for the full version to come out. Funding is over $150 million and the ambitions for this game keep rising. It's amazing doing a YouTube search for star citizen and looking at the incredible detail of the ships, planets, and cities. This...
  18. statisticsnerd

    Passengers movie (SPOILERS thread)

    Anyone see the new Passengers movie? *Spoilers below!!!* I just watched it and really enjoyed the space ship. It is what comes to mind when I think of a ship for a long interstellar cruise. The detail for the different rooms in the ship and the space scenes were amazing. The whole love...
  19. statisticsnerd

    News Carrie Fisher Dies at 60

    Just remember to be grateful for every minute you are alive on Earth because it could be close to your last, and you don't know it. Heart attacks are unexpected and it could happen to any of us at any time. Hope she pulls through okay.
  20. statisticsnerd

    Approaching the Unknown

    Has anyone seen this movie? I checked it out from Redbox and it is about a man's 9 month journey to Mars. I found it to be quite interesting and very well made, surprising considering the tiny budget and complete lack of media attention. I'd give it an 8/10.