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  1. Belisarius

    Project OrbWorld v2020 - an Orbiter Total Immersion Addon Pack and Environment

    ORBWORLD v2020.01 - Orbiter World of 2020 Orbiter Evolving Environment Maximum Scenario Realism based on realistic 2020s tech High-End and Low-End Versions Available [[developer blogspXXXXXXXX (coming soon)]] [wikiXXXXX (coming soon)]] OrbWorld2020 Vimeo channel...
  2. Belisarius

    The Losing Hand - Tradition and Superstition in Spaceflight

    It may seem incredible that in the world of manned spaceflight, of polished steel and facemasked technicians, of high-tech mission control and protocols for everything, there is a body of folklore, superstition and tradition that is followed by each and every crewmember as if performing a sacred...
  3. Belisarius

    News Massive Lego Aircraft Carrier

    A British man used a quarter million Lego pieces to build a replica of the American aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, which is on display inside the real thing in New York: Here's another big one, looks like an Enterprise class: Has anyone here ever built a Lego design as large and complex...
  4. Belisarius

    News Attention UFO-heads! FBI's Vault full of original X-Files documents

    The FBI has released a huge number of formerly secret documents on UFO investigations since 1947. The raw data And more categorized stuff But be warned, truth-seekers: if you dare to enter into this dark, secret and...
  5. Belisarius

    Internet Google introduces GMotion - control your Google account with body movements

    OK, so if you raise your knee you open an e-mail, and so on... A breakthrough in human-IT interaction technology. You will be able to connect your Google Animal Translator to this new service too.
  6. Belisarius

    News Biggest sports event in world history happening right now

    The World Cup cricket semi-final between home nation India and Pakistan is happening right now in Mohali. The Prime Ministers of both countries are to watch it together and over the 8 hours that the game is expected to last, may talk about peace between these two conflicting countries. Hopes...
  7. Belisarius

    Science China to lead US in research by 2013 - UK Royal Society

    A report published by the BBC today covers a phenomenon studied in depth by the Royal Society in the UK (the Royal Society is a centuries-old organization dedicated to the pursuit of science). Briefly, the RS report analyses the number of...
  8. Belisarius

    Haiti - Wyclef Jean shot but not serious

    This from AP His Yéle Foundation: His song "If I was President" Best wishes for full recovery
  9. Belisarius

    Please help me get Nazis off YouTube

    Hi fellow Orbinauts As some may know, I spend most of my free time on YouTube making videos, which cuts out the Orbiter time, but you can't have it all. So now there's a new trend building on YouTube - extreme race hate propagated by neonazis from all over the world. I won't post the...
  10. Belisarius

    Problem Orbitersound incompatability with Europa? Only certain vessels...

    Hi all.... I've got a weird bug to report, it's been driving me crazy and taking up 80% of my orbiter time of late... Maybe some of you codeheads could help, or at least suggest what's up. I noticed a number of CTDs and failure to launch scenarios associated with Europa. So I started to...
  11. Belisarius

    Science LHC working very nicely, thank you

    This report from the BBC explains that "the collider had done more in a few hours than it did in nine days of operations last year". Seems like the mysterious glitches caused by future interference from the Higgs Boson - not wanting itself to be discovered - have finished for the moment. Now...
  12. Belisarius

    Science New Scientist article on "Clever Fools"

    Cool article in New Scientist this week about "Clever Fools" Includes the following little quiz... Test your thinking When researchers put the following three problems to 3400 students in the US, only 17 per cent got all three right. Can you do any better? 1) A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in...
  13. Belisarius

    Buzz Aldrin and some Fox News moron interview Buzz has a hard time staying on message in this interview as the Fox News cretin has an attention span of a goldfish with ADD But...
  14. Belisarius

    News Parents prefer talking drugs to helping with math

    According to an study, most parents prefer to talk about drugs or sex (counselling) than math or science. This lady blogs about it in the New York Times and agrees: "Numbers has never been my strong suit, and as it happens I couldn’t really help with math and science homework sometime...
  15. Belisarius

    Back after a year

    Hi all, I've been away from OF for over a year dealing with a huge stack of real-world issues, now I hope to be back and active again. I've missed checking in, will catch up with the latest as soon as I can Cheers muchly
  16. Belisarius

    The IgNobel Awards for weird science

    Many of you will already know of the IgNobel Awards, presented to scientists who have conducted the strangest research each year. This year's awards were on Thursday. Highlights included prizes for research on the following important issues: Dog fleas can jump...
  17. Belisarius

    University students to get remedial English classes

    This story comes from Australia, but I guess it could be anywhere in the English speaking world:,23599,24428680-421,00.html One prof said: "Marking essays, I discovered the majority had no idea how to use apostrophes, or any other punctuation for that matter...
  18. Belisarius

    NASA cover-up of STS forced landings?

    In the latest issue of the Spanish magazine Espacio there's an article by Javier Casado (a respected aeronautical engineer and author on space issues in this country) in which he makes the following revelation: Wayne Hale, former Flight Director for STS flights told him that there were two...
  19. Belisarius

    Amsterdam man with joint fined for tobacco use

    Welcome to Amsterdam! You can smoke a cannabis joint in the coffee shops, but don't use any tobacco if you don't want to get fined
  20. Belisarius

    Shenzhou 7 mission thread

    Launch window starts 25 September (today) 21.07 Beijing time, 13.07 GMT, 15.07 Central European Time, 09.07 Eastern Time US Launch window ends 1 hour 20 minutes later. "All the systems of the Shenzhou-7manned space program are going well as the mission, including China's first space walk, has...