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  1. Kendo

    General Question Static objects and D3D9

    I am trying to add a refl. texture to a static building as part of a base, but it doesn,t work. It is part of a base config. Is it because it is static? I have had success with vessels.
  2. Kendo

    News Berlin,s pink pipes

    Just a bit of news
  3. Kendo

    Programming Question Anim problem using current state scenario

    I have a problem with an animation. To simplify things this is what I get. The anim object starts at 90 degrees and hinges down to 0 degrees. When the object goes down to 0 degrees and I exit Orbiter and load the Current state scenario it starts at roughly 10 degrees and goes up to 100 degrees...
  4. Kendo

    News Costa Concordia Salvage Live

    Costa Concordia Salvage Live....... ---------- Post added at 08:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:07 PM ---------- After watching for over 12 hours, which reminded me of watching paint dry, they won,t be done untill early Tues morning...
  5. Kendo

    General Question K'tinga Battlecruiser main engine visual effect

    What is the visual effect, if any, on the Battlecruiser,s main central engines. As there is no outlet I was curious. I,ve searched the net but cant seem to find an answer. Thanks. And / or, do the outer warp engines glow?
  6. Kendo

    Problem Another UMmu log file error

    New installation of Orbiter 2010PI (nothing else) Installed Arrow and UMMU only Ran UMmu 2.5 Demo / Human gallery and got this log file error:- **** Orbiter.log Build Aug 30 2010 [v.100830] Timer precision: 3.41997e-007 sec Found 0 joystick(s) Devices enumerated: 6 Devices accepted: 5 ==> RGB...
  7. Kendo

    Problem UMMU log file errors help

    Hi. I get these log file errors ONLY after un-suiting. This is on an Earth base and landed. I EVA then un-suit. Orbiter 2010PI Could some please help, Thank you. Regular Orbiter log file error:- Module Ummu.dll .............. [Build 121224, API 100830] Finished initialising status Finished...
  8. Kendo

    Programming Question Dock to rotating pad

    Can I dock to a pad, and when I rotate the pad will the docked craft follow it round.? Again Spacecraft3. Thanks.
  9. Kendo

    Programming Question Just a thought regarding landing on a vessel

    As you can land on a planet, is it is possible to to make a very small "planet", or an object (ideally flat) and call it a "planet" to attach/or as a payload, just underneath a landing pad on a moving vessel, so as to to land on the pad. ?
  10. Kendo

    Problem re blender 2.66a question

    Could someone explain, when exporting to 3ds from Blender, then using Anim8or, how to get rid of the "multiple" in the material section. I have separated the vertice materials with Blender and the groups are separated, but when I select a section of the mesh in Anim8or, it shows Multiple, so...
  11. Kendo

    Programming Question Animating 3 or 4 doors (Earth Spacedock)

    I wish to animate 3 or 4 separate doors individually, what keys can I use.? Many thanks,Ken.
  12. Kendo

    Scenario Synchronous orbit scenario request

    Is it possible for one of you kind gentlemen to do me a synchronous orbit scenario. I have a large station model and it is supposed to be in a synchronous orbit around the Earth. I,m not sure how high, as nobody seems to know. It would be good a little higher than the ISS. I,m presuming it will...
  13. Kendo

    General Question Anim8tor sizing question

    When rezing using anim8tor, does it resize accurately. I have a model at 1100 metres, it needs to be 3850 metres, so will 3.2x using anim8tors scale thing scale up to approx 3850 metres.? The more I think about it, the more confused I am. Thank you.
  14. Kendo

    General Question Can I change docking port angles.

    I have a ship which I,ve added a couple of docking ports. The problem is, on one of them, due to the shape of the ship, I need to change the angle slightly from the standard 90%, so it fits level with the ship. Can this be done using Spacecraft3. Many thanks, Ken.
  15. Kendo

    Rant Inserting "Quotes" in posts.

    Whats with this latest trend, inserting QUOTES in posts. I find it extremely annoying, plus it,s wearing my mouse out scrolling to the end. :2cents:
  16. Kendo

    News Possible Cassette tape comeback.

    Some interesting news.
  17. Kendo

    Vessel Star Wars Rebel Transport question.

    Does anyone know how the Rebel Transport takes off.? I cant find any hovers etc. I have searched the Net, without success, there,s not a lot of info out there. Any details would be welcome. Thanks.
  18. Kendo

    News Bloodhound

    Looks interesting
  19. Kendo

    General Question No external sound on the Moon

    Is there a reason I cant hear external hover and main engine takeoff/landing sounds on the Moon ?
  20. Kendo

    Installation Old Eagle addon query

    Could anyone explain why this 2004 addon doesn,t work in Orbiter2010p1. New Eagle I know its old, and a dll version. I have the Eagle SC3 version working perfectly, but wondered why this doesnt work. The scource code is available for download by the same guy.