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    Gaming some KSP questions

    1. How do i use the monopropellant in the command pods? 2. How do i build a clamshell fairing(the type that seperate into two halves to the sides of the rocket) for middle-rocket payload or engine? 3. Its occurs to me very often when the game is crashing & leave a crash log folder in the game...
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    Flight Question please help with travel to mars

    the problem is, that when i do allign planes with mars after i've launched the glider to plane of the moon(cause i dont have 'ecliptic' or 'celestial bodies' at the options for TGT in map MFD) & i have some feeling that i waste too much fuel for that. do you have some good advice to save fuel?
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    Flight Question Navaids

    what exactly im suppose to do with them? how do i use navaids?
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    Question how do i install add-ons?

    & any recommended add-on you have to offer? :)
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    a problem that born of gaming

    hi everyone. a long time i didnt visit here, but here i am! & i have a mathematical prob... well im an MC player, & there i have to know how many cows in my yard cuze i want to slaughter them & get their leather, so ill could craft some books, item frames, & all around... but i want to grt all...
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    MLP: Friendship is Magic Mega-Thread

    O-F Staff Note: MLP chat is welcome to continue in this thread, and any new MLP threads will be merged into this thread as well. Please remember that flaming/trolling/baiting on either side will not be tolerated. If you don't like this thread please just ignore it. If you see a post that...
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    Gaming did anyone have been heard about KSP?

    (kerbal space program) I have it but it does tons of lags, it is also hard to build the rockets. until ill learn all the parts... :(
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    Flight Question launching the space shuttle

    hello everyone. I want launch the shuttle to missons, but when I try to get high enough apoapsis, it cant even pass the first 60 Km. what do I do wrong? well, I watched some tutorials & I did exactly what they did, but I get nothing. I almost suspect that I dont have enough fuel for even launch...
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    discussion: are there any places that complex numbers are necessary?

    I mean that every scientific sector using them only for comfort treatment with the data. but you can do the hard calculations, formulas & all the things without the complex numbers. all the treat are like this just because the data is behave just like these numbers are behave... for example, I...
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    TransX Looking for a tutorial for TransX

    I want to do flight to mars, but using transferMFD is pretty complex for it. transX is more suitable to do it, then. but I really got confused when I saw it. I tried to find some tutorial for transX, but any of them doesnt guide well. where can i find good tutorial? or maybe you will tell me...
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    Problem Runtime problem

    so I installed the MSI, after this problem has occured before with the ZIP installtion, & I thought it was because the ZIP. must to mention that I downloaded the ZIP with opera browser, everything was great until it suddenly stopped to work. I changed several things in settings, like modules...