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  1. Sierra719

    Where are my manners?

    Been here for a month and haven't even introduced myself. SHAME ON ME! That aside, I'm 17 and one of the younger breed of pilots and orbinauts but that dont mean I'm ignorant. I don't know much about the math or physics advanced orbitnauts know to be an advanced pilot but I do know how to get...
  2. Sierra719

    General Question Definition of Fuel Mass

    Is fuel mass, the weight of the vehicle on the LP or is it the amount of fuel in the vehicle? I'm trying to get a realistically large amount of fuel on a Shuttle
  3. Sierra719

    General Question Building a Space Station

    What do I need to build a sustainable space station to fly up to when I fly the shuttle fleet up there? Like where do I begin and what do I do once i got the first piece in orbit?
  4. Sierra719

    Advanced Question Why are pieces coming of the Main Mesh?

    Yea Pieces of the Shuttle keep moving away when I use the RCS Thrusters can u help me fix it?
  5. Sierra719

    Scenario Shuttle Mating to Rollout to Launch?

    Does a scenario exist that takes the shuttle process from Mating to the SRBs and ET to Rollout to Launch? if so can you point me in the right direction? Thanks
  6. Sierra719

    Request Independence X-71 Help

    I need help, this thing's been bugging me. No offense to the Liber, maker of the X-71, but he missed a detail. On the tail fin for the Independence it is suppose the be a Lightning Bolt not an Eagle like the Freedom. like this so I need help Taking this...
  7. Sierra719

    Challenge Lunar Slingshot

    This maybe unrealistic, and may be my recent purchase of Armageddon from Amazon speaking, but if you edit the hell out of a scenario and ship, Is it possible to Slingshot around the moon fast enough to break lunar orbit and head towards "an Asteroid" I want to see some attempts using the X-71...
  8. Sierra719

    Scenario Brian Jones Launch pad Lights Long and Lat

    Can someone give me the Long and Lat of LC 39B for Brian's lights? I put in the stock coordinates but the lights are a bit to the right.
  9. Sierra719

    Discussion Liber's X-71

    Remember Liber's X-71 from way back when? I read in the X-71 thread that he used sketchup and i see that the details are actually embedded into the Mesh, is there a way where i can transfer a .msh file back into sketchup? I dont want to post it on orbithanger then take credit for it, no its a...