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  1. Raven

    General Question Editing Heads-up display

    Hi all. I was trying to modify the stock HUD textures and ran into a problem. The files in Orbiter\Textures\Cockpit appear to define the shape of things like the docking path, velocity vector, pitch ladder, etc. by white vs. black in the alpha channel with a color overlay in the RGB...
  2. Raven

    Project Babylon 5 SA-23 StarFury

    Lighting angles to show normal mapping Added details to the retro thrusters and a rough draft of the claw After a few false starts in add-on development, I'm actually getting somewhere this time! Scarecrow graciously gave permission to use his excellent model/textures and build on his...
  3. Raven

    Idea Proland terrain for Orbiter?

    No idea if this could work with Orbiter or how it could be done, but it certainly looks interesting:
  4. Raven

    Flight Question How are jet/rocket engines rated?

    Hi everyone. Happy new year! I'm starting on my first .dll addon and have a question: Are jet or rocket engines rated at actual thrust as applied to a vessel or is at an ideal "bench number"? For example, specs read: "two turbojet engines... rated at 310 kN dry thrust each..." Does this equal...
  5. Raven

    Project UCGO cars and OMP racing

    Maybe a bit odd that my first addons for Orbiter will be ground vehicles, but there aren't many cars available for UCGO. And I'm a gearhead, so the question is: would anyone be interested in developing a ground racing project? The idea was sparked off by DanSteph's UCGO and dougskeenan's...
  6. Raven

    Let me go in and say hi...

    Allo everyone. Been around Orbiter and the forum for a while but never thought to introduce myself. I'm a tattoo artist from Alabama, US, not far southeast of Huntsville. I found Orbiter while on a random search looking for space combat games and never went back. It's great to see a sim with so...