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    General Question Orbiter 2010 Texture Downloads

    Hey guys, I wanted to try Orbiter again after about a year but I can't find a working website with the Planet textures for Orbiter 2010. Is there anywhere I can download them other than the torrent links?
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    Advanced Question Calculating Average Thrust

    Can somebody explain to me how to calculate the Average Thrust of a Solid Rocket Motor, given the thrust values at different times during the burn. I'm trying to determine the average thrust using these values of time and thrust from a Multistage file: Curve_1=(0,76) Curve_2=(2,100)...
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    Item 27 Problem

    Hello, I have an issue with item 27. So I'm basically in OPS 104 with STS-1 mission after orbit insertion, I input all the data in the computer, execute the burn and everything works perfectly. Then I switch to OPS 105 to prepare for the OMS-2 burn, however I have noticed that item 27 remains...
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    Problem Kourou ELS Issues

    I'm getting some very weird problems with Kourou ELS by papyref.
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    Search Vagaworld Fusion

    Does anybody have the Vagaworld Fusion add-on? I noticed it's deleted from orbithangar and I don't have it saved anywhere.
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    Problem UMMU 2.5 Possible Bug

    Hello, I seem to be having a weird problem with my UMMU's. I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this so here I go. Whenever I change the MJD date past a certain point in the scenario file or while the game is running the RCS thrusters on the UMMU's fire whether the suit is on or off. This...
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    General Question UMMU 2.5 Problems

    Hey everybody, I seem to be having a problem with the new UMMU from the UCGO package. Whenever I try to move, whether it be on a low gravity body such as the Moon or the Earth the RCS is activated and this greatly impedes my movement. If I take off the suit the RCS still activates. I've noticed...
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    General Question Atmospheric Drag

    I have a question regarding atmospheric drag in Orbiter. I've noticed that sometimes it works while other times it doesn't. For example, I was flying STS-4 in an alternate history scenario. I simulated an engine failure but have still managed to get into a 220x220 km orbit. After a few days i've...
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    Advanced Question Earth-Moon L2 point

    Has anyone here attempted to put a spacecraft or a small station in halo orbit around the Earth-Moon L2 point? If so, how would one go about accomplishing such a task?
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    Request Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter

    Would anybody be interested in making a simulated mission of this cancelled NASA project? I would create something like this myself but my experience is ZERO. I think it would make for a really interesting addon.