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    Project Hybrid airship

    I have been developing a hybrid airship for Orbiter. The design is based on the vehicle seen in the short film Wanderers. The vessel can be operated as a lighter-than-air or a heavier-than-air vehicle, i.e. the proportion of lift obtained from the lifting gas can be varied. Lift can be also...
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    SDK Question Drawing MFD button labels on a 2d panel

    Hi, I am trying to add MFD buttons to an MFD on a 2d panel. I have the panel and MFD screen functioning and I also have some blank buttons displayed. However I can't seem to draw the labels for the MFD. I am using the new 2d panel method that uses the letters stored elsewhere on the panel...
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    Project Mars Design Reference Mission 1

    Hi, Nearly finished writing a dll for my Mars landers. Hope to develop boosters to get them to Mars sometime and an Earth Return Vehicle to return the crew. Couple of images attached of the habitats. Legs and wheels are animated now. Rovers also have animated wheels. Also attached an image...
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    Running Anim8or in windows 98

    Hi, Well I've only got regular access to an old PC running windows 98 at the's a bit of a problem. When I try to run to run Anim8or I get the following error message pop up: Failure in OpenGL library call wglMake Current() failed initial SETUP Error code: Oxc00707d0...