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  1. flytandem

    Idea Roadster Rendezvous

    Wondering who might be first to model a Roadster in a solar orbit matching the resulting orbit following real Spacex heavy launch yesterday. Would make for a fun "Roadster Rendezvous" scenario.
  2. flytandem

    Scenario great-grand-tour

    I've been away from Orbiter for nearly two years working RL tasks. I did drop into the forum a few times to see what was happening. Glad to see some activity here. A couple days ago I fired it up and got to wondering about the idea of doing a combination of inner slings like Cassini but date it...
  3. flytandem

    Scenario Earth Mars Earth short mission duration

    Here's a choice of 3 different scenarios. All three start out the same with an eject that goes inward to Venus to sling to Mars. Then the difference in the 3 is: 1. A landing on Mars that has about a month on the surface then an easy eject to a soft encounter at Earth for total mission time of...
  4. flytandem

    Scenario Jupiter Cycler?

    The inner planet wind-up to an outer tour that I uploaded earlier this week inspired me to try a different ending to the same or similar start. I came up with a slightly earlier start with slightly different initial push from Earth. It does the same Earth to Venus, Venus, Earth, then Jupiter...
  5. flytandem

    Scenario 2013_EVVEJSN

    Here's a fun scenario all set up and ready to be flown. It's similar to the Voyager 2 but with slight differences. It doesn't fly past Uranus but does Jupiter Saturn and Neptune. It has a far weaker initial eject because instead of going directly to Jupiter from Earth, it goes inward to Venus...
  6. flytandem

    mars reusable shuttle glider

    A recent challenge presented to me by Dgatsoulis involving a dead stick glider landing using a fuel-less deltaglider onto Mars has me again thinking of a niche spaceraft that would be used just for that purpose. A mars only shuttle that lands like a glider. I know just enough about aerodynamics...
  7. flytandem

    Scenario 2012_EVEME

    Simple flight departing Earth, sling Venus, sling Earth, sling Mars, land Earth. 2 years 10 months. When I flew it the sling at Mars was about 80 Km agl. YMMV. Started with Orbiter up last night set to current time and wondered where I could go starting right then. I wonder if the date could be...
  8. flytandem

    Challenge lunar cycler backflip

    A discussion in another thread ( ) brings up the idea of a lunar cycler. I found it a fun challenge and have set up a scenario for you to try. The idea is simple but you might need the graphics from the report to understand it. A...
  9. flytandem

    Scenario Deltaglider on Curiosity Trajectory

    I've been mostly out of touch with space news as of late so I was delighted to see our current window to Mars was being utilized. Seeing the launch time and the countdown clock for the arrival at Mars I massaged the TransX eject data and have a deltaglider sitting on the runway at the cape...
  10. flytandem

    Challenge Hyperbolic Rendezvous

    Here's an interesting challenge. Not hugely fancy or difficult but does present a bit of a change from the usual get into orbit and rendezvous with the ISS type of scenario. A DG is a few hours away from a hyperbolic flyby of the Earth. It is almost completely out of fuel. A rescue DG is...
  11. flytandem

    hang gliding to the moon

    Taken yesterday of me flying tandem. Photo courtesy Kenny Westfall.
  12. flytandem

    TransX target and date update

    The parking orbit thread had me thinking about possible update(s) to TransX. (just thinking out loud here) Definitely warrants discussion. Currently when you have an eject planned (stage 2) and have made it to a parking orbit (stage 1), there is no direction target available for aiming the...
  13. flytandem

    Challenge moon to mars

    I recently starting playing with an old challenge from 2007 called moon to mars. I reworked it with several different initial orbit arrangements. I learned a fair bit including what makes it easy and what makes it hard as far as the starting inclination and LAN. So I had to make one with a...
  14. flytandem

    Challenge Jupiter Return

    I'm curious what different solutions might come from this challenge...:thumbup: Scenario starts with the ship just having rounded Jupiter. Goal is to return to Earth within 5 years. BEGIN_DESC Return to Earth within 5 years. END_DESC BEGIN_ENVIRONMENT System Sol Date MJD 57652.2298464368...
  15. flytandem

    Problem challenge scenario framerate

    Running any of the 2010 challenges, my framerate is about 5 to 9 fps. But all other stock scenarios are running 40 to 60 fps. Toshiba Satellite Laptop. Windows 7. It could be something related to the scripts running in the background? Any ideas how to make the challenges speed up to a usable...
  16. flytandem

    Scenario 58Km agl at Mercury

    Leaves today. A free return taking under 2 years. You leave Earth, sling Venus then Mercury (passing only 58 km above the surface), then Venus then back to Earth. Caution: Keep your hands inside the vehicle while passing Mercury.:lol: (could be tweaked to have a closer pass if one dared)...
  17. flytandem

    Challenge 3 craft Mars solution?

    Here's a fun navigation challenge for a trip to Mars and back. In this scenario we have 3 ships sitting ready for launch. Imagine the first one is unmanned and filled with enough supplies for 3 humans for 7 months. The second ship on the runway is a Mars landing and launch craft. It has no...
  18. flytandem

    Scenario Mars and back in under 18 months

    Here's a fun scenario that I haven't flown yet. Leave Earth 2 hours from the time of this posting, but you should launch at scenario start. You sling Venus going to Mars. You'll need to do an inverted flight aerobrake to land at Mars. There is a 3 week planned stay on Mars surface before...
  19. flytandem

    Scenario climbing the ladder

    Starting with today's date I was looking for a "bottom to top" Mercury to Neptune flight. Found one that starts a week from today (Dec 3rd 2010). 17 stages of TransX involving 3 slings of Venus, 2 slings of Earth, then single slings of Jupiter and Saturn takes you direct to Neptune. Fuel has...
  20. flytandem

    Challenge Go-Around

    Here's an interesting puzzle. You left Earth on Oct 23rd 2010, and did a sling around Venus and are now arriving back at Earth. Because of the party on your return to Earth you didn't pay enough attention and missed a couple of important mid course corrections. You just noticed you are missing...