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  1. Phil Smith

    The Universal Flight Simulator

    Hey guys! As mentioned in another topic I've decided to start new one related to my sim-pit build. Little introduction. The Universal Flight Simulator will consist of several logical modules: 1) 2x 15" Primary MFDs; 2) 1x 10" AUX MFD (Vehicle monitoring); 3) Atmospheric side stick for...
  2. Phil Smith

    Software Emulating Thrustmaster Cougar MFD Panels

    Hey guys! I'm in the process of making custom MFD panels using two 15" IBM 6636-AB2 monitors with Raspberry Pi and 18x18 / 24x18 mm momentary push buttons for controlling (2 screens, with 2 2MFD each). For displaying MFD itself I use "VNCMFD" module...
  3. Phil Smith

    Help me please to identify a video

    Hey guys! Just surfing the net I've found this short clip: Please help me identify the movie / music video where it was cut from! That afro is outrageous! Bigger than Undercover brother had! LOL Cheers!
  4. Phil Smith

    Help me please to identify this french song

    Hey guys!:hello: I and my wife heard one french song on the TV performed by great Charles Aznavour and she liked it very much. Unfortunately, the channel gave the song a wrong title - "Emmenez-Moi", cause we found this one and it obviously doesn't match at all, both musically and rhythmically...
  5. Phil Smith

    Need some help - coordinate systems

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of writing a trajectory simulation software (on c++, using Runge-Kutta RK4 method) and now it's time to go beyond "Launch site coordinate system".. I spent a few days figuring out converting them to Geocentric coordinates, but maybe there are some good books on this...
  6. Phil Smith

    Request Any 6-degrees Attitude Indicator MFD?

    Hey guys! :tiphat: I wonder if is there any Attitude Indicator (old school version, like Apollo or Gemini had) or something like a Kerbal space program's NavBall? It would be great to have such MFD (special in some SimPit) like this: As far as I know, guys from NASSP mega-addon could do...
  7. Phil Smith

    Solving system of motion equations. Need help

    Hey guys! I try to figure out how to make ballistic calculations for a real launch vehicle (a good ol' backyard rocketry project with dreams of put 15 kilos in LEO :lol: ). I've integrated basic equations of motion (just in 3 degree of freedom system for now) and have a problems to solve that...
  8. Phil Smith

    Question Modelling my launch vehicle in Orbiter

    Hi everybody! So I got an idea of building the amateur launch vehicle and I wanna modelling this one in Orbiter to prove my hand calculations (I guess Orbiter is pretty good in that). But I cant do it myself. So can anybody help me? It's pretty simple - two stages and a little tiny sattelate (M...
  9. Phil Smith


    Today I was shocked by one terrible news. THE GREAT John Lord is dead today in age of 71.. Jon Lord - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia He was one of those musicians who inspired me play music. On of the most key charismatic person of Deep Purple. I can't believe. He's gone. So, what can I say...
  10. Phil Smith

    Calculation of Tubular-wall thrust chamber

    When I've been started to design thrust chamber one question appeared. As you know tubular wall has different cross-sections along the chamber length. So how I can calculate tube dims at any section of chamber? In the beginning we have some parameters: number of tubes - 166; outside tube...
  11. Phil Smith

    Building tube guitar amplifier

    So my second huge hobby along with the rocketry and space is music, guitar. So I play it long time and always search for "the best" sound. And one day I decided to build guitar power amp myself. after half-year work I've finished it and it works. Perfectly. Now I've been building my second amp...
  12. Phil Smith

    Launch vehicle calculations

    So long time ago I found myself in rocketry and now I think about Launch vehicle project for little satellite (about 2-10 lbs). Just in theory for a while. And I've read a lot of books and projects descriptions and didn't figured out one question: how i can find required propellant masses at...
  13. Phil Smith

    St Peterburg's museum of Space flights.

    Last February I and my wife was in St. Petegburg, Russia. and i couldn't just skip this so special place such as museum of rocket propulsion!:lol: So Ive made some photos of rocket engines, wanna share with you guys and i hope you like it:thumbup: PS - ENJOY :D
  14. Phil Smith

    Home cockpit for Orbiter

    O-F Staff note: thread moved to simpit forum. ------------------- Hi!:tiphat: So I got an idea. I'm very impressed by Boeing 737 cockpit for flight simulators: and immediately imaged same thing for orbiter, for DG IV or other spacecraft. for beginning we can make cockpit...
  15. Phil Smith

    Question Modelling the rocket

    hey guys. i've got the model of rocket with textures in 3d max so i wanna to put it into ORBITER. i'm rookie in that game modelling but i got big experience in 3d addons for another games (ex. for GTA) this is one-staged rocket with payload at the top. the stage has one single-chamber engine...
  16. Phil Smith

    The question about a burn time calculation

    hi everybody!:tiphat: so can anyone help me out - how to calculate a project burning time for TLI etc.? for example - we have a spacecraft that weights 200,000 pounds at LEO with 2engines 500,000 N thrust each, spec. impulse - 420s and how can i calculate the burn time for trans-lunar of...
  17. Phil Smith

    Question 2 questions related to "Ares Mission To Mars" Orbiter Video

    hi everybody after watchin this video on youtube i got some questions (probably silly :lol:) first - how we can get that fuel stack (at 1:23) to orbit? second - does that engine on MEM (at 6:10) provide enough thrust to liftoff from mars surface and insert the orbit?