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  1. doggie015

    I made a website!

    The allmighty :probe: has blessed me with the oppertunity to create a website. It is located here The site has moved! The link above has been updated to compensate for this move.
  2. doggie015

    Lunar hoax believers: DO NOT OPEN THIS THREAD!

    Mythbusters have proved that we did in fact go there! As they said in the episode: "In your FACE conspiricy theorists!" P.S. I TOLD you not to open this thread! :P
  3. doggie015

    40 years to the day of the moon landing and look what we have restored!,2933,533160,00.html Although they could not find the proper footage they did a good job with televised footage! EDIT: title is supposed to be Apollo 11 launch, not moon landing
  4. doggie015

    A380 Progress

    UPDATE: liber has given permission for me to use their A380!
  5. doggie015

    Orbiter Friend Feed

    I have made a Friend Feed room for Orbiter for providing information and quick links to Orbiter and orbiter-related things including links to the REMARKABLE XR class vessels; the DGIV and Orbitersound; the official orbiter website AND gallery. And finally; a few screenshots right on the page...
  6. doggie015

    Bad news...the A380 project is canceled

    Due to the current financial climate and persistent problems with various systems (Mainly control and flaps). Until further notice the A380 project is canceled. DeltaGolfGolf Aerospace will continue making missions (scenarios) with other people's air/spacecraft and may take another look at...
  7. doggie015

    New Release doggie015 scenario pack 1.0

    This is my first scenario pack; it requires a few 3rd party addons but the requirements are detailed in the scenario descriptions. Enjoy! Doggie015 Scenario Pack 1.0
  8. doggie015

    Moon Hits Perapesis I'll be turning my eyes skyward tonight for sure! :speakcool: EDIT: Just realised: this is the closest perapesis since 1993 at around 356,566 kilometers away from earth. What is going on there?
  9. doggie015

    The New Look A380 is not ready yet

    I am having a few issues with the landing gear; attached is a .zip file for those that want to help. and BTW: I have a new logo
  10. doggie015

    My blog!

    I have joined the blogging craze! Feel free to comment :cheers:
  11. doggie015

    Qantas computer glitch?,24897,24469386-15317,00.html If Qantas are running something based on windows vista that would not surprise me at all :rofl: P.S. are qantas' safety standards really dropping?
  12. doggie015

    A call for help

    I am stuck on the A380 at the moment, the landing gear is refusing to be animated! If you wish to help or have any suggestions you can reply to this thread, keep it clean please!
  13. doggie015

    Halo, A simple addon

    This is the first addon that I have made from scrach (I made the mesh myself) Fly through a ring with a c-172 (Thanks Kev33) located here: Halo Beta 1 If you feel brave enough try it with my A380 beta 1.5 located here: A380 Beta 1.5 Good luck! P.S. If you make any speccy aerobatic flights with...
  14. doggie015

    A380 Beta 1.5 is here

    After several mishaps, the beta 1.5 is up and flying! it is here Have a nice flight
  15. doggie015

    have it your way then...

    A380 beta testers I have NO beta testers, with the recent M6 crash, they appear to have bailed on this project. I have three options: try to get beta testers via a PM recrutement message, go to public beta or cancel the project
  16. doggie015

    The A380 is dead

    sorry, but due to lack of interest, A380 development has officially been cancelled:sorry:
  17. doggie015

    DeltaV Release Date?

    due to inactivity, I am concerned about the release date of DeltaV issue 1, when will it be released?