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  1. Snax

    Problem Loading stuck at "Config/SSU_Aileron.csv"

    Hi, I think I've broke my Orbiter 2016 setup with SSU. I don't know what I did but now when I load any scenarion with SSU, it doens't load. Orbiter.log says: **** Orbiter.log 000000.000: Build Aug 28 2016 [v.160828] 000000.000: Timer precision: 2.93246e-007 sec 000000.000: Found 0 joystick(s)...
  2. Snax

    Question How to get in orbit at 600km with SSU

    Hi, could someone explain to me how the Shuttle went to orbit at 600km to put Hubble upthere and how can I create a mission and scenario file for this. I've seen videos where the Shuttle received a call to go at 109% instead 104%, I tried that but in the end I finish the ascent always around...
  3. Snax

    Question Prelaunch comms files

    Hey there, I noticed this for a while but never asked it, are these files used in the provided scenarios for SSU ? I'm guessing it's planned to have them linked with the countdown in the future ? For now I think I'll try something with mp3/radio MFD with the sequencer in Orbiter 2010 (as this...
  4. Snax

    Question KSP Countdown display

    Hey there ! I wanted to know, is there a mod for a functionnal countdown display ? I found this one for Orbiter 2010. It's static so I don't think the countdown really works :p Thanks in advance !:tiphat: Edit: KSC* for the title, did too much KSP lately :p
  5. Snax

    Problem OMP website unreachable

    Hi there, I wanted to show to a friend OMP so he could download the client but the website seems to be dead
  6. Snax

    General Question Realtime telemetry for Orbiter ?

    Hello guys, I'd like to know, is there a 3rd party software or a module for Orbiter that can extract/show flight datas. Here's the idea, since I'm streaming flightsims I always set an overlay for my viewers to show relevant informations so they can read what's my speed, what's my altitude...
  7. Snax

    Question ODS camera is black ?

    Hi there, Snax again, coming with another question :p It's about the camera mounted on the ODS. I noticed that it cannot see anything except the payload baydoors (so the owship) when they are closed. I noticed that when I wanted to dock with that camera without the docking MFD. There's a...
  8. Snax

    Question Create a scenario where SSU is in orbit

    Hello, I have question about a scenario I'm creating for SSU. I'm making a scenario for STS-61 (Hubble Servicing 1). I mostly copy/pasted the elements from another scenario (from HST_ex) where there was already another STS-61 scenario. I deleted their SHIP for "Shuttle" (ShuttleFleet) and...
  9. Snax

    Question APDS, how ?

    EDIT: Ah nvm I think I found it in the SCOM (with my lower internet connection, downloading this was out of the question before, it just took forever to get it haha ^^) and at the page 678 of 1161 there's the ODS explained and how to operate it. (image). _________ Hello guys, as my first post...