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    News Hacked E-Mail - New Fodder for Climate Dispute Climate-Gate :lol:
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    NASA studies Ares rocket alternatives,0,4497977.story My personal choice: the modern version of the Saturn V. That is something I'd love to see and "hear" lifting off from the Cape. But I guess it's too expensive anyway. It seems that using Shuttle...
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    News Firebomb Attack on German School This makes me really angry meanwhile. Those events are going to be no individual cases anymore. We obviously have to reckon that such things might continue to happen in future, and that more often than before. There was also two teens who killed...
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    News Fake Dutch 'moon rock' revealed

    "A treasured piece at the Dutch national museum - a supposed moon rock from the first manned lunar landing - is nothing more than petrified wood, curators say." In my point of view this is just an advertising gimmick. Because you don't have to be...
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    General Question Orbiter 2009 + Vista & Win7

    Is there any information if the Orbiter 2009 is going to be compatible with Windows Vista? If so, it would also be compatible with Windows 7, which is my basic interest.
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    Rant Google

    Well, it is actually known that Google is saving a lot of data. For some years I seem to have underestimated the Google imperium. But this changed within seconds last night. I was registered to a friends search engine for about 8 month (one of those sites where you can search old schoolfriends)...
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    News Pilot dies flying plane to the US The pilot was allegedly 60 years old by the way, which I could not find in this article. It is nonsense that the airplane would be difficult to land by one pilot only. It works perfectly in the simulator, so does it in reality. Unlike many...
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    News French plane lost over Atlantic

    This is bad...
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    FSX vs. X-Plane (the new war begins)

    O-F staff note: posts moved here from 'Avsim hacked!' thread. -------------------- In the long term X-Plane is going to be the basic flight simulator for a lot of people who are interested in physical accurate general aviation stuff, if there won't be a proper (and better) FSX replacement...
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    Orbiter Forums, a spam place?

    I realized that Orbiter Forums is going to become an annoying spam place obviously. It even includes advertising for buying WoW gold, which is illegal actually. If this is the way of sponsoring, I'm not quite sure continue using the forums.
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    First Qantas Boeing 707 Returning Home

    No news, but still nice to watch. This is the story of the first Qantas Boeing 707, the "City of Canberra", which was restored and returned home from England to Australia in 2006, 47 years after its first flight. It is probably the oldest 707 (and so the oldest civil Boeing jet airplane) which...
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    Rant Chemtrails?

    Just a short while ago I heard about another conspiracy theory for the very first time: "Chemtrails". My first reaction was that I had to laugh really. But now I'm afraid. How paranoid people can become still? I wonder what's next...
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    Problem Orbiter Graphical Issue

    I was always wondering about that kind of sphere which is projected on the Earth's surface (Mars too, slightly) just below the vessel whenever I run Orbiter (see the screenshot below). It seems to be related to the horizon haze. The sphere disappears when I switch the horizon haze off. Does...
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    Wernher von Braun

    Wernher von Braun, partly a questionable personality for some people, but on the other hand surely a genius and great visionary. I have no doubt that without him and his team, German engineers and American engineers later on, we would not have make it to the Moon in 1968 and probably not even...
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    Life Onboard The ISS

    I didn't want to post this just in the youtube videos section. It's the most phantastic manned space flight video I've ever seen. Astronaut Garrett Reisman (Expedition 17 flight engineer) shows parts of May 7th 2008 onboard the ISS. Have fun... (download the full HD video here...