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    How Are The Limits of a Star's Habitable Zone Calculated?

    I've heard the Sun's habitable zone is approximately from the orbit of Venus to the orbit of Mars. The sun-like star Beta Comae Berenices has a listed habitable zone from 0.918–1.042 AU even though it has a luminosity of 1.357 ± 0.014[7] L☉. It seems like if a star was more luminous that it's...
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    News Are there two Higgs Bosons?

    New data from the CERN might suggest that there are two Higgs Bosons! The data clearly shows what appears to be 2 differently massed Higgs particles. More here: :hailprobe:
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    Internet My Little Pony Orbiter Crossover

    I happened be looking in a the scroller at the top of the and saw this. So here is the link: Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger by AdmiralTigerClaw Description: The star system Omega Centauri was just...
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    Eccentricity Calculation Problem

    So i have been teaching myself physics and then programming a simulator with this knowledge in Unity3D. So, i have recently finished eccentricity but when i programmed the script to do the calculation it always returns 1. :facepalm: So the equation i used was : e =...
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    Science Physics of.... Ponies?

    This video is an examination of physics impossibilities in MLP. Physics just got 20% cooler!:cool: I would have never guessed how many things are made of dark matter. :rofl: Einstein is a brony...
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    Equilibrium Theory

    Is there any theory and mathematics that support the idea of gravity becoming equal and opposite of the expansive force of dark energy? And thus the Universe would reach a state of "equilibrium". If there is where could I read about it? Just curious.
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    Question Tutorial for writing [planetname].dll!?

    How do you write the various parts of planet dlls, because ive spent hours searching and the orbiter manuals make no sense. I want to write them for the Alpha Centauri addons.
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    Asteroids, Exoplanets, Stars, Galaxies, and More Databases

    I am looking for extensive database for the properties, orbits, composition, topography and more about asteroids, exoplanets, ... I am looking for this information to build a more complete solar systems, and galaxies. I've Google searched several times for Asteroid databases, but only found...
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    Idea 3D Clouds

    Could you make 3D clouds by making a invisible mesh and have it emit particles that are colored the same as the planets atmosphere. Doing it with the spaceship3.dll. It would take a long time to place all the "ships" by hand, so someone could make a program to create the coordinates of each...
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    Search Delta Gliders

    Where can I find the older Delta Glider like 3,2,4-1, and any of the others or am I out of luck.
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    Request SKP to MSH Converter

    Can someone create a converter that directly converts Google Sketchup models to Orbiter Mesh format? It would make modeling with Sketchup so much easier. Just like the Anim8or to Mesh made it easier. :thumbup:
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    Question How to make heightmaps?

    It's for Orulex. 1.How does it work. 2.Converting to heightmap (.hei) I want to create topography for the Alpha Centauri System V3 I'm working on. I found this: Can this create heightmaps for Orbiter via Orulex?
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    Advanced Question How to add animation.

    I need it.
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    Question Tutorial for collision?

    I want to add collision to somethings that will be a part of addons. I'm looking for the Collision SDk.
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    Support Can't get Orulex to detect collision.

    I'm trying to land but I fall through the terrain. It shows the 3D surfaces but doesn't have collision like it says. ---------- Post added at 03:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:29 PM ---------- Also it crashes when I exit the simulation session.
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    Question Is there an SKD for Orulex?

    I want to create my own 3D maps so I was wonder how.
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    Question How do you make exhaust textures?

    What do you need?:hailprobe: I want to know what the textures should look like. Things known: 1.It's in DDS format 2.Have a photo manipulation program (Photoshop) 3.Have Dxtbmp (DDS Converter)
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    Question What are some good tutorial for making Space Ship Modules

    I'm working on a spaceship. What are some useful tutorial on making spaceship modules?:hailprobe:
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    Request Martain Weather

    I think it would be neat to have a modual for martian weather like glodal dust storms and dirt devils. Imagine trying to land during a dust storm. Could someone please make this!:speakcool:
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    Project Spaceship Ares (Red Mars)

    I'm designing an addon of the spaceship Ares from the book Red Mars, but I can't convert .skp to .3ds to .msh. Would someone do it for me PLEASE! I eventually will add better meshes, a Underhill Mars base, Mars Landing Pod, and might also add the Phobos base.