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    Question Is it possible to load LuaMFD in a DG without DG\aap?

    When aboard a DeltaGlider, for every page that I load/create for the LuaMFD terminal the DeltaGlider Lua autopilot functions (aap.lua) are loaded. I could not find where this behaviour is defined. Is it hard coded? Thanks for any help. Beep
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    Parameter Description File Vessels on Lua Script

    This is just to point out that providing the Lua script vessel class with a consumekeybuffered callback function and virtual cockpit methods would do wonders in offering a full open and version adaptable resource for the replacement of existing and the creation of future parameter description...
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    Vessels sinking deep in the ground, empty and fuel tank masses, touchdown definitions

    In order to not sink my vessel deep in the ground when locating it with the scenario editor I need to define the touchdownpoints after a 'fake and provisory' empty mass preset that comprises the empty mass and the masses for all future propellant resources (tanks) I intend the vessel to have...
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    Would a gradation 0 to 1 parameter for the Distance Fog be a problem to include?

    It would fit the possibilities of the individual machine as well as the individual taste. Off course it would be better still if it was affected by sun-planet-camera alignment being more at sunrise and less at midday. Best and thanks, Beep
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    Will there be a Lua script function to get current vessel height above ground?

    So far altitude and height above the ground were (roughly) the same. Thanks a lot its not so anymore. However I'm wondering how I'm going to update my Script MFD's and Vessels since the current script reference doc does not present me anything to deal with the new situation. I'd love to work...