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    FSX in 5-10 years

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    Launching a Dragonfly

    In the real world; the dragonfly would have been launched upside-down with a launch module docked during launch so the crew are not flung into the forward window! :rofl: But, Orbiter most likely won't allow that.... unless you define it as a payload... :hmm:
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    Discussion Simple autopilot

    Weird... I get no matches here...
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    OS WARS MEGA THREAD (Now debating proprietary vs. open-source!)

    Just a quick note: that update is 100% optional, and therefore not selected by default, If you don't like MS spying on you then you can choose not to download the update, or just move to Linux/Ubuntu EDIT: And don't worry, just grab a copy of WINE and Orbiter will still work, O-F will still...
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    FSX in 5-10 years

    X-Plane would have been more realistic for that test
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    I think that did do that, and to make things worse: I deleted the GRUB partition, I still had the Win7 bootloader, but because GRUB no longer existed, I couldn't access it. This is why I had to fix the MBR, just so that I could type this post. Laugh at will!
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    FSX in 5-10 years

    You haven't covered the mac and linux support...
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    FSX in 5-10 years

    Dude, you do realise that X-Plane is used in full-motion aircraft simulators and that said simulators can have full FAA certification. Also: X-Plane works on platforms other than MS Windows (Did MSFS EVER have a mobile version, or support mac and linux?). X-Plane also makes use of the Blade...
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    Launch News X-37B on Atlas V from Cape Canaveral

    I missed the launch by 7 minutes! :cry: Do you think the footage will be available as Video On Demand (VOD)?
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    Well, I can tell you one thing: for data recovery the Win7 install DVD is a real pain in the :censored: as it was not designed for that, I recently used something called UBCD4WIN (Free for private non-commercial use. Available from NOTE: You need an XP CD (Preferably...
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    FSX in 5-10 years

    they would be able to do that, but not at 60 fps; closer to about 150. Because computing technology seems to double in power every 3 years or so, FSX will soon be running on a new computer as easily as today's computers can run FS2004 with minimal settings.
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    Gaming Video games you want to see turned into movies

    Wing commander III is already referred to as an "Interactive Movie". Personally I think that removing the interactive part may be a bad idea, but if the spacecraft graphics get the "Avatar make-over" (Yes, I DID make that up on the spot :P ) then that would be more than enough to compensate
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    Gaming Video games you want to see turned into movies

    YouTube- PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN Look at 1:06 to 1:20 There are also references to several other classic games; see if you can name every game featured...
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    That just made my day! :rofl: Very well done!
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    Who Trusts Wikipedia?

    It seems I chose the wrong news agency... How about the telegraph? or wikipedia itself: I could try and find a more unbiased source but the Chaser's war on...
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    Who Trusts Wikipedia?,2933,257340,00.html Enough said...
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    OS WARS MEGA THREAD (Now debating proprietary vs. open-source!)

    This explains why they are able to do what they are doing. Imagine if Microsoft's next OS only allowed itself to run on say... IBM computers. What do you think would happen?
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    OS WARS MEGA THREAD (Now debating proprietary vs. open-source!)

    And who says that... I dunno.... Apple isn't trying to cram monopolies down the public throat? Apple has made it so that it's Operating System will ONLY run on it's hardware, and if you try to emulate said hardware, you are violating the EULA, which means you have to BUY the hardware because you...
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    Question Composite vessel DLL ??

    Copy+paste addon developing can only get you so far, once you have released a few addons using Copy+paste addon developing you will see why!