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  1. Castor

    Any good ephemeris ?

    Can anyone suggest an ephemeris that gives both right ascension and declination values?
  2. Castor

    Hi again!

    Hello! I'm back again after a period of absence from the forum. Looking forward to be part of the discussions once more.:tiphat:
  3. Castor

    OFSS IV Mission write-up thread

    Any post-mission write-ups, screenshots, feedback, etc can be posted by the pilots here.
  4. Castor

    OFSS IV-Post flight scenarios

    Pilots can post their post-flight scenarios here.
  5. Castor

    OFSS IV-pilot roll call

    It's been a long time since we heard from OFSS III, so I think that it is time to move on with another project. The most notable change between then and now is that IMS has become a lot more stable. So, I propose to start a new series, but this time incorporating IMS, which adds a lot of realism...
  6. Castor

    OFSS IV-discussion thread

    It seems that OFSS III has gone into some sort of hibernation. Since IMS has become reasonably stable now, I was wondering if it would be possible to restart the effort; but this time, incorporating IMS. What do you guys think of this ?
  7. Castor

    Discussion Indian manned spaceflight

    With a number of successful launches recently, the Indian Space Research Organization is now planning to send humans to space. The oncoming GSLV Mk III launch is going to test a capsule. For those who didn't hear about it ...
  8. Castor

    C++ Question KILLROT not working

    I have been coding a vessel recently, that uses main engine gimballing for attitude control. But every time I use KILLROT, the vessel gets propelled to Nan space. Other nav modes work fine. The vessel code has global variables. Could this be causing the problem?
  9. Castor

    C++ Question Mirror

    Is it possible to have a vessel that acts as a reflective surface ? Also, can mirrors be implemented inside the VC of a vessel ?
  10. Castor

    Meshing Question Human models

    Which software is the best for creating human models ? P.S: I have already tried out MakeHuman.