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  1. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Question Wideawake to Wideawake half orbit calculation

    Hi there! I want to know how i can calculate my launch heading from Wideawake International (or any other base) to make half orbit and then reentry.... All i want is to find the correct launch heading so i dont have to make any inclination corrections but only a retrograde burn back to the base...
  2. Gr_Chris_pilot

    General Question DGIV Sonic boom

    Hi there! I was taking off from wideawake international with my DGIV for an Iss resupply with P903Sxx autopilot from external view and suddenly i heard a Sonic boom !:blink: i switch to cockpit view and saw the mach number 1.03 :facepalm: Never heard of this sound for the DGIV... Is it a bug...
  3. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Hello from Greece!

    Hi! i am chris 22years old and i have just completed my commercial pilot license :cheers:....I am using orbiter since 2008 but the last 1-2years i learned the art of space travel and advanced maneuvers :thumbup: Last 6 months i build a homemade simulator for fsx that you can check below...