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    News Windows 10 free even for pirates

    According to, Microsoft will be offering upgrades to Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10 for everyone, including pirates. The title mentions China, but the update at the bottom says for everyone: If...
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    Project Nellis Air Force Base development thread

    Warning: Thread contains a lot of high resolution images! Orbiter Battle Simulation Project or OBSP for short, needs a home base. Given the needs of OBSP and my particular affinity for Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada, I decided to create that. Nellis will serve as the home and...
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    OBSP - Progress report 2 / Nellis AFB development

    Hello, people! It's been a while since I last posted any updates on how OBSP's doing, so I figured I'd throws something up. Well, we've been working hard on OBSP since the last updates. Just to jog your memory, the last update brought taxiing, takeoff and landing autopilots and AI into...
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    API Question Getting airfoil handles?

    I'm trying to predict the amount of lift a vessel creates at arbitrary (not only current) AOA, mach number,... I found a function called GetAirfoilParam which asks for an airfoil handle and returns all of the airfoil's characteristics , including (amazingly enough) the pointer to the function...
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    Hello there, beautiful!

    Intel I7 3770K GeForce GTX 680 running at 1058 MHz and 2 GB of RAM 2x4 GB of 1600 MHz RAM 120 GB Solid State Drive with a read and write speed at around 500 MB/s 1 TB HD with 64 MB cache ASUS P8Z68-V/Gen3 motherboard It is a BEAST. Running Skyrim, the CPU load is about 25%. Windows 7 boots in 7...
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    OBSP - Progress report 1

    Hey guys! It's been a while since our last update, so I'll bring you up to speed on what's been going on behind the scenes. We resumed work on OBSP in the last few weeks because the exams ended and we have a few exciting features we're working on. ETF learned how to hook functions so we can...
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    Question 2011: A year in reflection

    Amongst the New Year wishes is usually one, that the next year be better than the previous ones. But, did last year's wish come true? How was 2011 for you guys? Let's not go into politics, just keep in personal. For me, 2011 was pretty good. I did go through more worries and hard work related...
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    iamwearingpants hate club

    And with that, I'm opening the first official iamwearingpants hate club. Anyone welcome, except for iamwearingpants, of course. We hate him. :hello::lol::thumbup: DISCLAIMER: This blog is intended as a joke and is continued from this thread. For addon developers: Learn from destructive...
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    Minecraft jailbreak anyone?

    Back in the (good old) UnrealTournament days, we had a game style called Jailbreak. Players were split into two teams and the point of the game was to imprison the other team by killing them. The enemy would then spawn inside of a jail cell. There were two ways out of the jail: Any remaining...
  10. RisingFury is an online pre-print repository of math and physics papers that are about to be published in science magazines, or some that are published only here. We're talking about an online and open archive of anything physics related, ranging from astrophysics, through nuclear and high...
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    Problem UCGO cars + DG bug found!

    I'm posting this in a public thread instead of over PM because I'd like the rest of the O-F community to confirm the bug and be aware of it... 1.) Open "AI cars Dance.scn" scenario in a text editor. 2.) Change the date into the future. I used Date MJD 52006.7896195801 3.) Add a DeltaGlider into...
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    The how's and why's of rating addons

    For a while I've been observing the addon voting system on OrbitHangar and it seemed to me like people didn't put enough thought into the vote the assign to an addon, or that in some cases, they vote dishonestly, because they don't want to offend the author. So I decided to write guide that...
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    Question Equatorial to relative position

    I'm having trouble turning equatorial position (longitude, latitude, altitude) into planet relative coordinates, used by the VESSELSTATUS.rpos value. I'd like to position a vessel at certain position on the planet, but I don't want it to be landed on the ground, so I can't use the vdata[0].x...
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    Problem Calculating drag in Orbiter / CreateAirfoil flaw

    I've been working with Orbiter's aerodynamics and noticed what I think to be a flaw in the CreateAirfoil function. The function CreateAirfoil asks you to supply a pointer to a function calculating the lift, drag and moment coefficients, as well as the wing area. The same goes for CreateAirfoil2...
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    Physics vs Magic

    Made by students at my Uni's Physics department.
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    5 Earth sized planets in habitable zone found

    Hello, hello!
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    Bomb landing prediction problem

    As part of the work on OBSP, I'm working on a function capable of predicting the landing positions of bombs dropped from a plane, or shells fired from an artillery. While the equations are an extreme pain in the butt that's not the problem, the implementation seems to be. I started by making...
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    News 8.8 earthquake in Chile

    8.8 quake in Chile kills (at least) 214 people and sends out a tsunami.
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    TransX Retrograde sling of Jupiter

    Hi! I've been playing around with TransX lately and managed to get some places, but now I'm trying to do a slingshot around Jupiter to lose as much of my Sun-relative velocity as possible and drop down towards the Sun, with a very low perihelion. I'm guessing that when I got my close approach...
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    SDK Question Vessel-local relative velocity and acceleration

    I have a bit of a problem. I'm working on something and need relative position, relative velocity and relative acceleration in vessel-local coordinates. I managed getting the vessel-local relative position, but I'm having problems with velocity and acceleration. The SDK gives you the ability...