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  1. NovaSilisko

    Science/physics questions for my Orbiter addons

    I've been thinking a lot about the fictional space program I'm developing for Orbiter, and have a few questions about propellants and general physics: Firstly, I had a nuclear thermal rocket engine using methane as fuel, so fuel could be siphoned from Titan's lakes (after purification), but...
  2. NovaSilisko

    Book from 1959 on the future of spaceflight

    Found this a while ago, it just occurred to me I should post pictures of it here:
  3. NovaSilisko

    Musical Alter-ego

    Ayep. I didn't know what else to call the thread, but it's a place I will shamelessly advertise my music which is one of the few things by me that I'm actually proud of. Two uploaded so far, more to come...eventually. Also some KSP (or just generally spacey)...
  4. NovaSilisko

    Project Silisko Industries

    I am currently repurposing parts of my Orbiter project, so hang in there as I get more details and pretty pictures up. -------- Old post follows -------- Hello! I have recently started making addons for Orbiter after my experience with doing the same for KSP. I'm very attracted to...
  5. NovaSilisko


    Some people here might recognize me from the Kerbal Space Program forums, but I decided it was finally time to register here. KSP actually brought me to Orbiter, and I've found an attraction to it that I can't quite explain. I've already made a few addons, which I'll post details about in the...