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    New Release Danuri (KPLO)

    Update: v.220807 New post-launch scenario using Horizons data for actual launch date. Small change to mesh (square main engine thrust plate).
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    Danuri (KPLO) - 220807

    New post-launch scenario using data for actual launch date. Small change to mesh (square main engine thrust plate).
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    CAPSTONE mission

    Thanks! How did I miss that thread?!
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    New Release Danuri (KPLO)

    Nice launch - great to see Danuri safely on it's way (y) No end of confusion in the media about this spacecraft and how its going to the Moon....
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    CAPSTONE mission

    Thanks! I'd really like to see the trajectory data post-LOI (13 Nov 2022?) to get a handle on the NRHO. Cheers, Brian
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    New Release Danuri (KPLO)

    Thanks Kyle :-) After Grail and Capstone, and now Danuri, I think I'm starting to get the hang of these WSB/BLT trajectories. Note: Wikipedia also has the wrong launch strategy - no 3.5 phasing loops around Earth. It's a direct TLI to WSB/BLT by Falcon9. Cheers, Brian
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    New Release Danuri (KPLO)

    Danuri (KPLO) S.Korea's pathfinder Lunar orbiter, due to launch this evening (04 August 2022) at 23:08 UTC, on Falcon9. Another mission using a lengthy but fuel-efficient WSB/BLT trajectory to go to the Moon. WSB/BLT can save dV 160m/s at LOI (except not for me in Orbiter, since I use about...
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    Danuri (KPLO) 220807

    The Danuri (KPLO) spacecraft, with optional Reaction Wheel attitude control, sun-tracking solar array, Earth-tracking HGA and Nadir-pointing function. Launch scenario for 23:08 UTC, 04 August 2022, Falcon9, LC-40 Cape Canaveral. In-flight reference scenario using JPL Horizons predicted...
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    New Release Starlink

    Updated v.220711 Includes new scenario for 46 sats launch to Polar orbit from VAFB. New starlink_stack.dll module now calculates payload mass from number of sats attached. (I was puzzled why my Falcon9 add-on had insufficent dV to launch 46...
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    Project SpaceX SuperHeavy

    Update v.220708 Tanker now has Reentry Autopilot (same as Starship). Fixed "landing target height offset" bug (was landing hard if target not Mechazilla) Some minor mesh and texture changes.
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    OHM FalconHeavy for Orbiter2016

    Updated to v.220707 Now includes Tesla Roadster and STP2 missions (Arabsat is still available as a separate add-on). Some scenario and .cfg corrections, including correct orbit parameters for STP2 mission. More dynamic...
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    OHM FalconHeavy for Orbiter2016

    Hi, Oops! Now, I can't remember if I meant to include STP2 in the last FH update but forgot everything except the scenarios - or whether the scenarios got in by mistake :rolleyes: Anyway, a patch with everything except launch scenario is attached here. Let me know if it still has problems...
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    Project SpaceX SuperHeavy

    These guys just don't stop. I can't keep up :LOL:
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    Hi Mariusz, if you want to contact me again, please use the "Start Conversation" - posts on the...

    Hi Mariusz, if you want to contact me again, please use the "Start Conversation" - posts on the profile page are limited to 420 characters. I have attached a .txt file with my reply, below. Cheers :) BrianJ
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    Crew Dragon DM2 - v.220611

    Update v.220611 Now includes CrewDragonMFD with deorbit and reentry autopilots etc.
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    Crew Dragon Inspiration4 - v.220611

    Update v.220611 Now compatible with CrewDragonMFD (included with Crew Dragon DM2)
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    News State of Orbiter Forum, Orbit Hangar Mods

    Many thanks to you folks for your hard work on this - much appreciated (y) Hope you can get it all sorted out eventually!
  18. B - announcing development of open source mods repo

    Take it easy and get better soon, mate!
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    New Release Crew Dragon DM2

    Hi, in the last version of CrewDragonMFD, I forgot to update the "No Target" Auto Re-Entry algorithm for GEO and HYPER modes. Sorry about that! I think this version fixes it.... CrewDragonMFD v.220522 .zip file attached, includes MFD module, C++ code, readme.
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    Internet Jack Foltz at Fixthephoto spam/scam?

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. Spam emails are certainly nothing new - but this is the first I had mentioning! Received 3rd email today. Ignoring til he gets tired and goes away ;-)