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  1. DutchPlayer

    Problem Planet Earth doesn't rotate

    Hello, I have a weird problem, planet Earth stopped rotating. When I fast forward time, the time advances but it stays night/day. This problem started when I installed the HCLV launcher, and the Carl Sagen Space Center. I hope you have a solution. Kind regards, Dutchplayer
  2. DutchPlayer

    Scenario How do you add the ESS Station?

    Hi volks! I just downloaded the ESS Station. I want to put it in orbit around the Moon, but I can't find the ESS station in the list of the scenario editor. Can anyone help me out??
  3. DutchPlayer

    Hardware Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Pack

    Hello guys, Just saw this on a website. Looks pretty good. I'm just wondering if this will work with Orbiter. It will be pretty cool to use real life MFD's to work with.:) Picture:
  4. DutchPlayer

    General Question Trajectory planner; no graph

    I saw a video over this tool, and I'd like to try it. But the problem is: most of the time it doesn't show a graph. I want to departure from Mars and arrive at Saturn. I gave it 400, 378 and 1000 days for the launch window and the time when I want to arrive (same values, BTW). Can anyone help...
  5. DutchPlayer

    General Question How do you put payload in the Space Shuttle??

    Hi all, The title says everything, but let me repeat it. It's holiday so.. IT'S SPACE STATION BUILDING TIME!!:) I want to use the space shuttle for this but I can't figure out to put the payload in the cargo bay. I looked for it in the manual but nothing. (I might be wrong I'm the worst when...
  6. DutchPlayer

    TransX Can't get to Mars

    Hi, TransX is messing with me. I planned everything to go to Mars. I've done everything what I learned. And after the ejectburn, I never get an encounter. I don't understand, TransX will not take me to Mars. I'm sure I planned everything right. And I know I must perform MC's. But that's...
  7. DutchPlayer

    Request Arrow Freighter walk around in first person

    The title said almost everything, but is there a add-on (or someone working on it) that you will be able to walk around in the Arrow Freighter? I think its really cool, move around in the big ship, check to other pilots, take a look at dockingport one (payload area). Could someone make this...
  8. DutchPlayer

    Problem Interdictor rotation speed

    I downloaded the add-on INTERDICTOR on OrbitHangar. Everything is fine but the rotation speed is really slow, this makes the ship unflyable. Is there a way to speed this up? I really love this vessel, but the rotation speed... Kind regards, Dutchplayer
  9. DutchPlayer

    Problem Can't add new installed ships

    I'm a Star Wars fan, so I downloaded a few vessels. I start a scenario, and start scenario editor. I want to add a vessel but it's not in the list. I looked in config/vessels. And that file is missing. My question: How do I add a config file so I can put the ships via scenario editor? Thanks...
  10. DutchPlayer

    General Question Spacecraft3.dll in Orbiter 2010

    Hello there, While I was looking throught the add-ons on Orbit hangar, I saw that many add-ons need Vinka's spacecraft3.dll. I went to the download page, and I can't find the version for Orbiter 2010. Space Station building blocks need also the .dll, but this add-on is compitable for Orbiter...
  11. DutchPlayer

    Vessel Taxi to runway vehicle

    I like the following: A vehicle that attach it self to the front gear, and the vehicle will move the vessel to to runway without spending fuel. I really hope someone will do this, I will love it a lot!! Happy Orbiting!! Dutchplayer
  12. DutchPlayer

    General Question Space station building problem

    Hi there! Yesterday I downloaded the XR-5 payload- Dragonfly add-on. I started the scenario and loaded the Dragonfly with some space station blocks. (BTW this is not the problem) The problem is when I undock the Dragonfly from a spacestation block, it pushes the dragonfly AND the block. The...
  13. DutchPlayer

    Advanced Question Enough fuel??

    Hello, I want to go to Mars, I have a trip of 321 days. By the ascent I burnt a lot of fuel. (this will not always happen) But my question is: How do I set deltaV into kilograms? I want this to know if I have enough fuel to do the ejection burn. Has anyone a solution??? Kind regards, Dutchplayer
  14. DutchPlayer

    Problem External MFD lag

    Hello, When I'm doing a ascent, and I want to go Mars. I'd like to set up some MFD's. I was really excited when I saw you can open those. But when I've done that the framerate will drop dramaticly. That was the reason why I don't use it any more. But it keeps handy when coasting to the planet...
  15. DutchPlayer

    LaunchMFD "USE SOUND" not found or using wrong syntax bug

    Hello, When I start Orbiter I get an error of LaunchMFD, it says: "USE SOUND"not found in /config/MFD/LaunchMFD.cfg or using wrong syntax. I looked for the file but it is there, I tried to rewrite it but it still appears. Anyone knows how I fix this problem, it's really annoying though...
  16. DutchPlayer

    General Question Space Station building problem

    Hi, I passed to achive orbit with the xr 5, I want to start building a space station. But I cant put the pieches (blocks) together. I use the URMS add-on for a RMS arm in the xr 5. I use that arm to put the blocks together, but when i release the block the (2) blocks wont put together. Can...
  17. DutchPlayer

    XR-5 ascent question and velcro rockets question

    Hi, I downloaded Add-ons so I can build space stations :). I put modules in the xr 5, but i dont know how to ascent. I know its explained in the documentation, but I dont understand it. Also I dont understand how to use the velcro rockets add-on. Its documentated (I know) but I dont understand...
  18. DutchPlayer

    Dutchplayer from Holland

    Hi all, I'm Dutchplayer and I'm 15 years old. I founded Orbiter when I was searching for a spaceflight simulator. When I started it was too hard to learn. I searched for tutorials and founded a tutorial of Tex-films (love that guy!!). Learning for weeks and now I know how to play the game! I...
  19. DutchPlayer

    TransX Very laggy response when creating a flight plan

    Hi, I want to make a flightplan to the moon. I know how to use TransX but it is very laggy. If I click on an button I have to wait 1 or 2 sec before it respons. I can't work with that. And since I discoverd that Transfer mfd can't make an plan to venus, mars etc. Anyone suggestions to solve...