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  1. IronRain

    News State of Orbiter Forum, Orbit Hangar Mods

    Hi everyone, We thought it might be nice to do a “state of Orbiter Forum” post to talk about where we stand and what we’re working on Orbiter Forum Some 2 years ago we migrated to XenForo. This step made our live a lot easier and we’re running up-to-date forum software. This comes at a cost...
  2. IronRain

    New era, new sub-forum

    Hi all! With the recent news regarding Orbiter opensource, we've decides to open a new sub-forum. We've also added a new category and a couple of new channels in Discord, related to the development of Orbiter self. We hope this improves collaboration between developers to work together on...
  3. IronRain

    Announcement Scheduled Maintenance - Friday 15-01-2021 08:00 UTC

    Hi all, This Friday, at 08:00 UTC, we'll be updating the forum software to version 2.2.2. We've run into issues during the previous maintenance periods - we figured out what was going on, but are only now able to see if changes to the system are enough. If not, we can apply the same workaround...
  4. IronRain

    Announcement PayPal widget not updating

    Hi all, First of all, happy new year from the OF staff! As some of you might have noticed, the widget for PayPal donations is no longer updating. I'm looking into why this is happening, but I would like to let the donators know that it's just the widget. Donations are still working as...
  5. IronRain

    Important Schedueled Maintanace - Sunday 22-11-2020 09:00 UTC

    Hi everyone, Last September I posted about upcoming maintenance to install an update, which unfortunately failed. @Xyon looked at it yesterday, figured out what was happening and applied the update with a workaround. Fortunately, a new update is available and we'll be installing it this...
  6. IronRain

    Gaming Mars Horizon

    A game called Mars Horizon has hit the (online) shelves, and personally I really like it so far. From the developer: The game is developed in coorperation with ESA and the UK Space Agency. Your goal; send the human race to Mars, and be the first to do so. Sound familiar? ;) It's like Buzz...
  7. IronRain

    Important Schedueled Maintanace - Wednesday 23-09-2020 08:00 UTC

    Hi everyone, Since we're running updated forum software now, it would be nice to keep it that way. XenForo released a small patch, that we will install this Wednesday at 08:00 UTC. Downtime should be minimal, however since this is the first time we install a XF patch, it all might take a...
  8. IronRain

    Resolved Clean-up older vBulletin user options

    There are some options that users were able to set on vBulletin but are not needed anymore. We should clean these up, because they can be confusing.
  9. IronRain

    Resolved Chatbox on the forum itself

    There's been a couple of requests to bring back the chatbox to the board. Need to investigate proper replacements for what we had.
  10. IronRain feature request section

    Welcome to the feature request section for! This forum is meant to ask for new features. Please, stay on-topic and only post requests for new features. Use the bugs forum to post OF related bugs. You can use prefixes to identify what type of post it is. Threads created in...
  11. IronRain bugs section

    Welcome to the bugs section for! This forum is meant to reports bugs, problems, questions, etc. Please, stay on-topic and only post problems, bugs and questions if you're not sure how to categorize your question. You can use prefixes to identify what type of post it is...
  12. IronRain

    News New Spaceflight News app

    Hi everyone! Back in 2018 I wanted an app with a summary of all spaceflight related news. There was none, so I decided to build one myself. Before I could do that I needed an API, so that's what I build in the second half of 2018. It's called the Spaceflight News API (SNAPI). The API is still...
  13. IronRain

    Launch News Falcon Heavy | STP-2 | June 25, 2019 03:30:00 UTC - June 25, 2019 07:30:00 UTC

    The Department of Defense (DoD) Space Test Program-2 (STP-2) mission, managed by the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), is targeting launch on June 24, 2019, with the launch window opening at 11:30 p.m. ET. Lifting off from Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in...
  14. IronRain

    Launch News Proton-M/Blok DM-03 | Spektr-RG | June 21, 2019 12:17:14 UTC

    A rocket-transporting railroad car ferried a Proton booster to its launch pad Friday at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan for final checkouts and testing before the vehicle’s scheduled June 21 liftoff with the Russian-German Spektr-RG X-ray telescope. The Proton rocket began the trip to the...
  15. IronRain

    Launch News Ariane 5 ECA | Eutelsat 7C & AT&T T-16 | June 20, 2019 21:43:00 UTC

    With its fifth launch of 2019, and the second this year using an Ariane 5 vehicle, Arianespace will serve two world-class satellite operators by orbiting T-16 for AT&T (DirecTV) and EUTELSAT 7C for Eutelsat. Both spacecraft will be deployed to Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO). In performing...
  16. IronRain

    Launch News [SUCCESS] Falcon 9 Block 5 | RADARSAT Constellation

    A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket fired through a dense shroud of coastal fog and climbed into orbit Wednesday from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, deploying a trio of radar observation satellites to begin a $900 million mission surveying the Arctic, maritime waters, forests and farmland for the...
  17. IronRain

    News Soyuz-2.1b with Glonass hit by lightning after launch

    A Russian Soyuz rocket carrying a Glonass navigation satellite withstood a lightning strike seconds after liftoff Monday, and still delivered its payload to orbit. The Soyuz-2.1b rocket lifted off from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in far northern Russia at 0623 GMT (2:23 a.m. EDT; 9:23 a.m. Moscow...
  18. IronRain

    Updates [SUCCESS] SpaceX Falcon 9 | CRS-17

    SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft has begun its CRS-17 resupply mission to the International Space Station with launch aboard a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral. Falcon 9 launched at 02:48 Eastern Time (06:48 UTC) on Saturday, deploying Dragon into orbit less than ten minutes later. The launch...
  19. IronRain

    Launch News [SUCCESS] Electron | STP-27RD | May 5, 2019 06:00:00 UTC - May 5, 2019 10:00:00 UTC

    The mission has been procured by the DoD Space Test Program in partnership with Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) as part of its Rapid Agile Launch Initiative .The payload consists of three satellites, SPARC-1, Falcon ODE and Harbinger, that will deployed in a precise sequence. The Space Plug...
  20. IronRain

    News The one where she said yes

    I'm coming up on 10 years on this forum. During this time I've shared various things out of pure excitement and this is another such post. Yep, she said yes! We'll be together for 8 years this year and since we're moving out of our small rental studio apartment to our very own "real" house...