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  1. TMac3000

    Question Import Lua functions to Orbiter 2010 from Orbiter 2016?

    Hey all. I know it's been quite while. I'm working on an Orbiter project in which I need a Lua terminal command tp pull up MFDs, so that you could enter something like "ops 1" in the terminal and get Surface, Align Planes, IMFD. Or whatever other combination you want. After a long search I...
  2. TMac3000

    Flight Question Sling Planning in IMFD?

    I know this is one of those things you aren't really supposed to be able to do...but I think I might be close to cracking it. I started by using a combination of Transfer MFD and the scenario editor to find the Jupiter-Saturn window. Then I entered that information into IMFD on the right...
  3. TMac3000

    General Question Transx: Earth to...Earth?

    This is just a little thought process I've been kicking around, and I'd like to get some input on it. I am sure this is right under my nose, and I'm gonna feel really dumb when someone explains it to me:P How to do you sling from one planet to the same planet? In other words, is it possible...
  4. TMac3000

    Problem OGLA: Frustrated to my wits end

    I know I've been away for a while--work and other things have consumed my time. I want to get back into Orbiter. There's just one problem. After doing a clean install with my only addons being OGLA 110130 and Orbiter Sound 4.0, every time I try use Orbiter, it will run for an unpredictable...
  5. TMac3000

    Fun With Naval Terminology

    I have a great fascination with naval history and tactics, and how they relate to warship design. But when I was writing a tutorial for one my favorite games (SSI's Star General, which probably no one else plays:lol:), I got to a section where I was discussing the different kind of ships and...
  6. TMac3000

    Gaming TMac3000's Offical "Sudoku from Hell" Thread

    So, my brother introduced me to Sudoku some six or seven years ago, and I've been a big fan ever since. I'm not horrifically good at it, but I've been able to hold my own on some really tough ones. Tough is relative, of course. I'll be posting the hardest ones I can find here. Some of...
  7. TMac3000

    First Contact: Are We Ready? (continued from "...2050 in space flight")

    Fair enough:yes: We can use science to make some assumptions, since like you said, they will not be magical, but limited by the same laws of science we are. For example, they are likely carbon-based; maybe silicon. But I have to maintain my argument that, beyond what the laws of physics can...
  8. TMac3000

    Problem Surface textures missing in OGLA

    Here's what I'm getting: This has been going on for quite a long time. I have scoured the Internet and found no information on it, so at last I am turning to my fellow Orbinauts for help. The sim is still completely playable, and even enjoyable, but it would be nice to see the taxiways so I...
  9. TMac3000

    Jupiter/Saturn Mission Concepts

    EDIT: This thread is now open for discussion of other concepts for exploration of Jupiter and Saturn, as well as ASM. The Uranus/Neptune concept threads got me inspired, so here's yet another idea for a gas-giant science mission. This is a three-part mission. A pair of probes would be sent...
  10. TMac3000

    Feasability Study: Titan via Saturn Sling

    I was just kicking this little idea around: Let's say I want to send something to Titan (a probe, or manned's immaterial at this point). What if I aerobrake at Saturn to bend my trajectory toward Titan? Sort of a slingshot in reverse:)...and then aerobrake at Titan? Is this...
  11. TMac3000

    Empire Deluxe: Naval Tactics Questions

    Okay, so I purchased Empire Deluxe: Internet Edition the other day, and I am very happy with it. However, if anyone else plays it, I have what I hope are some interesting tactical problems involving sea power: Now, I've already figured out that if I want to make a CVBG, the ideal configuration...
  12. TMac3000

    My Newest Project: LimboQuest

    This a new system I am developing for creating table-top roll-playing games. The name comes from the combat system: you must roll under a particular stat to get a positive result--hence, Limbo :) My first LimboQuest project is to convert the old computer game "Temple of Apshai" into a...
  13. TMac3000

    Problem Conflict between IMFD and OGLA?

    I was having problems getting IMFD to display properly under OGLA (it would come up blank except in the main menu), but when I loaded up the in-line client it worked fine. Has anyone else noticed a conflict between IMFD and OGLA?
  14. TMac3000

    Cannot Download Orbiter Sound

    In fact, I can't seem to download anything from Dansteph's site. I get less than 1 kb/s download rate for about 10 minutes, and then it stops with an error. I've tried changing computers and browsers--no joy:( I don't think it's my connection, because I had no trouble downloading Slender last...
  15. TMac3000

    The Celestia Thread

    Since my reappearance, I have also been screwing around a bit with Celestia. This is Circumspace all grown up:thumbup: I :love: this thing. Some of my favorite places to visit are The Pleiades. Imagine looking up at night and seeing half a dozen blue stars as bright as Venus in one piece of...
  16. TMac3000

    Problem Sucky frame rate under Linux

    Posted this in the RCT, thought I might get more help if I post it here: Just a couple of days ago, I downloaded and installed Orbiter under Linux. You can imagine my surprise when it ran right out of the box in Wine, with no Winetricks, or having to download any obscure software or type any...
  17. TMac3000

    Best Space Films Never Made

    What sci-fi or space movies would you really like to see made? I'd like to see: 1) A trilogy or saga based on Stephen Baxter's Vacuum Diagrams series of Xeelee stories. If I were directing, I'd start with "Lieserl" (the sun is dying 5 billion years early, and we need to find out why), and end...
  18. TMac3000

    The Mac is Back!

    I have decided to return to O-F after a long hiatus:) After me and Astrosammy's death in the ill-fated Leda-1 flight (our first loss of life on the Iron Hill Project, and a heavy reminder of how dangerous spaceflight is:(), I waited for a while to see if anyone would take over RTI. No one did...
  19. TMac3000

    My home theater system

    Those three purchases over time set me back a little over $500, or almost a whole paycheck:lol: But it does the job well, for what I paid:) That bass is so thumping it's sometimes hard to hear the actual music:lol: I improved it by cleaning all the junk out of the lower cabinet and putting the...
  20. TMac3000

    RTI Needs People!

    Since the failure of Leda 1 killed myself and Astrosammy, we now have two positions open, for pilot and copilot. In addition, we need another mission controller, so we don't end up with no one on the ground.