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    News Yutu-2 images a cube-shaped rock?

    It's headed for a closer look:
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    Out of Orbiter for a little over a year.

    It all started a little over a year ago when my PC graphics card died. Then, cataract surgery, right eye - same month. Left eye, last November. Swept up in RL and thinking the hiatus from Orbiter wasn't so bad. Hernia repair surgery at the end of August. My advice: don't grow old. It's a...
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    Question XR Series airbrake limits

    Does anyone know what the speed/dynamic pressure constraints on the airbrake usage for the XR series?:tiphat:
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    Scenario How low can you go?

    An XR2 is ten minutes from clearing the highest point on the Moon by approx 200 m, while in a stable orbit. Ground speed about 1676 m/s. At start, MapMFD is set up so that that summit is in the center. Visual high point in Orbiter 2016 terrain appears to be at 158.634148 deg W 5.403957 deg N...
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    Physicists have found a metal that conducts electricity but not heat

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    News America’s First Lunar Surveyor: 50 Years Later

    For more details, see here:
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    OrbiterSound 3.0

    Wasn't this archived anywhere? I need it to run on Orbiter 060504 - in order to run ProjectX-15 2.0 - per the documentation. OBTW, it isn't on DanSteph's site.
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    Request Flight Data Recorder

    A version that works on Orbiter 100830 As found here on O-H Mods:
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    Buzz Aldrin's doctorial thesis

    Does anyone know what was contained on pg.69 in Buzz Aldrin's doctoral thesis? He uses two variables, b and k, for the remainder of the thesis, and I think that the definition of these two variables are on the missing page. I have a hard time buying MIT's statement that this page is missing...
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    Asteroid impact simulator
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    Today I Found Out...What Happens When You Stick Your Head Into a Particle Accelerator

    Check this out (it is really OLD news...happened back in 1978): I have to comment on two statements from the article. I question the intellectual capacity he had before this...
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    The Solar System to Scale

    Impressive was the amount of scrolling to view this:
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    Software Can't activate Spacecraft3 animations

    It acts like something is ignoring the "left shift + number pad key" combo needed to activate the animations. The only response I get is activation of RCS thrust. I have a clean install of Orbiter, v.100830 on Win 7 64bit. I've tried two different PS/2 keyboards and an USB
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    Humor 44 Ways to say "TSA"

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    Spacesuit Test Goes Very Wrong

    Well, not really news since it happened back in the '60s... Before he passed out, he could feel the saliva on his tongue start to boil.
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    Advanced Question Number of radio channels

    Besides a custom dll for a spacecraft, is there a way to define more than the default number of 2 radio channels per spacecraft? I've gone through all of the documentation...perhaps the answer is staring me in the face.
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    Phobos and Demos photographed together.

    Kudos to ESA's Mars Express team for capturing both Martian moons together for the 1st time. :thumbup:
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    Idea MESSENGER Scenario Pack

    Just gauging the potential interest of a scenario pack for the spacecraft currently in route to Mercury. I've been tinkering with it for a month now, and just have it as far as LEO. Perhaps before March 11, 2011, I'll have a scenario for MOI (Mercury Orbit Insertion) to finish the pack.
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    Comet Lulin
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    Bach on Mars, Venus, Titan

    Story here: Music here: