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  1. C3PO

    March 20. 2015 Solar Eclipse

    In less than 24 hours we'll have a solar eclipse that is visible in most parts of Europe, and I'm lucky enough to be living in the part that gets to experience a total eclipse. The only other "dry" place that it hits is Svalbard(NO). You can check the obscuration and times on this map...
  2. C3PO

    Gaming Moonbase Alpha - NASA's new on-line game

    NASA's new on-line 3D game Moonbase Alpha is on the doorstep. See the trailer here: And to top it off, it will be out on Tuesday :rofl: (No, really! I am not kidding) Cheers! C3PO
  3. C3PO

    Discussion AerobrakeMFD tweak

    I just had an idea that could make AerobrakeMFD even more useful then it already is. Many space craft change "mode" at a certain point in the reentry. Some deploy chutes, the shuttle ramps down AoA etc. During a reentry we also often use "waypoints" to aim for. So here's the idea: What if it...
  4. C3PO

    Animal rights I don't know if I'm just too old fashioned, but I find this slightly hypocritical and distasteful. I see mainly two problems with this. 1: Doesn't rights come with responsibilities? 2: If you use DNA to determine what gets these...
  5. C3PO

    GPWS Sounds update

    The GPWS sound pack has been updated. I've added a more realistic sonic boom. GPWS Replacement wav's
  6. C3PO

    No Orbiter files @ AVSIM

    I can't get any Orbiter related files from AVSIM. :huh: Have they really removed the lot? :censored: