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  1. JMW

    SDK Question Find Max Height of a Mesh

    Hi All, Is there a way to find the highest part of a mesh, and of a building in a .cfg file ? (eg: .y of scale ?) (Tall order eh ! - Excuse the pun) Needed to hone an approach autopilot. Many thanks.
  2. JMW

    Problem Surface tiles disappear with Zoom [D3D9Client only]

    Hi People. Problem: Tiles disappear when zoom in, only happens in D3D9Client. [Orbiter2016 Release rev 62, with D3D9ClientR4.11-forOrbiter2016(r1355)] Also, mismatch appears in D3D9 that isn't there in Stock Orbiter. Looks like lower resolution tiles loading ? Screenshots attached (hopefully in...
  3. JMW

    SDK Question Ctd when compiled in Debug but not in Release

    Hi There Everyone. Good to be back. Was stuck abroad for 10 months ! I'm perplexed, have searched but can't find a similar case. Code compiles with my usual warnings, but ctd after few seconds unless compiled with debug which runs fine. I know which code is causing it but can't find out why...
  4. JMW

    Resolved Bookmarks?

    Well hello Forum Guys. Being a forum noob at the best of times, I'm totally unaware of the doubtless many advantages of the recent migration. So this is gonna seem a thankless question (but I'm not). All my myriad browser Bookmarks to much needed info are now redundant. ? Is there any way to...
  5. JMW

    SDK Question Bogus statements?

    Hi Can anyone help as regards loads of seemingly bogus statements/warnings I'm getting. Everything compiles fine, but getting multiple "red-liners"......
  6. JMW

    CTD from SVN r65 on

    Hi Guys. Can anyone help with my latest dilemma please. Any installation from r65 onward crashes at Jupiter according to log. r65 and below are fine............ What am I missing ? **** Orbiter.log 000000.000: Build Aug 27 2017 [v.170827] 000000.000: Timer precision: 1e-007 sec 000000.000...
  7. JMW

    SDK Question Distance calc overrun ?

    Hi People. Quick question, probably not quick answer..... On a distance calculation I'm getting a value of "-1.#IND" intermittently. It's messing up an autopilot. Is it an overrun of some kind. If so, what do I need to do....? Code used: dis = sin((latitude)*RAD) * sin((tgtlat)*RAD) +...
  8. JMW


    Has anyone heard from this guy?
  9. JMW

    SDK Question Nested loop?

    Help please. Try as I may I haven't been able to display distances to bases in red if going further away, and in white if getting nearer. Sounds simple and no doubt is, but can't crack it ! Standard display code is: if(HUD2 == 1 && oapiGetHUDMode() == HUD_DOCKING &&oapiCockpitMode() ==...
  10. JMW

    SDK Question Distance - closer or further away

    Hi Can anyone help with a simple function to determine whether a vessel is getting closer or further away from a base........... (Must work even if out of range of base signal) Thankee.
  11. JMW

    SDK Question land.wav sound loops continually

    I'm getting the landing "chirp" (land.wav) sound looping continually until vessel stops at some bases. (Regular, at approx once per second regardless of vessel speed.) This is happening at Habana and Heathrow, but does not at Cape, Edwards and my config of Pictown. Only thing found to prevent...
  12. JMW

    SDK Question Thruster index

    I want to identify by handle, which thrusters are operating in a given situation. What is the thruster index constructed from ? Are they numbered in the order they're created initially ? The info in the scenario is for example THLEVEL 0:1.000000 1:1.000000 7:0.250666 8:0.311333 9:0.050286...
  13. JMW

    SDK Question Animation only works in one direction (polarization)

    Can anyone tell me why (since somewhere in Orbiter Beta) my wheel rotation animations only work if heading in a northerly direction? (heading 330 deg on cape runway 15/33) It stops from 90 deg either way......... Is there a fix ? if (iop > 1)iop=0; if (hspd > 0.4) { double...
  14. JMW

    OrbiterSound log empty

    Hi Guys. Suddenly, my OrbiterSound log is empty of data. All it contains is ******************************************************** OrbiterSound 4.0 (3D) Build Nov 20 2012 01:00 ******************************************************** Orbiter version: 160220 I've tried a reinstall. Any ideas?
  15. JMW

    Working with Matlab and tileedit

    Have installed Matlab runtimes as per readme for tileedit (in Program files by default). Tileedit runs, but what do I do now? I want to use the "rudimentary editing capability for elevation data" Martins mentioned to level out runways etc. I've tried loading a "surface" tile but nothing shows...
  16. JMW

    SDK Question Data from another module

    Hi All. How can one module in a scenario receive data generated in another module? (Want to place one module a given distance from another in flight).....
  17. JMW

    SDK Question Altitude Autopilot

    Hi all. Seems like a simple task, but I've gotta admit defeat. To code a simple altitude autopilot - similar to the one for DG in Scripts, but for C++ so can be incorporated in a .dll Trying to convert that script, I have this (don't laugh please) shgt is target height in feet. //-- Set up...
  18. JMW

    General Question Possible to shuffle OrbiterSound files sequence?

    Is it possible to randomly "shuffle" the order that OrbiterSound atc files are played, to be more realistic? Also, (maybe should be separate thread?) I'm getting a subdued "bleed" of CustomBaseSounds whilst flying, even miles from the base. Noticed in internal view but maybe there on external...
  19. JMW

    SDK Question "CreateThrusterGroup" Sanity Check **[SOLVED]**

    Shouldn't this be controlled by the generic Main Thruster, or am I missing something...? thg_main[0] = CreateThruster (_V(0,-0.1580385, 4.602197), _V(0,0,1), PB_MAXMAINTH,hpr, PB_ISP); thg_main[1] = CreateThruster (_V(0,-0.1580385,-4.602197), _V(0,0,1), PB_MAXMAINTH,hpr, PB_ISP)...
  20. JMW

    SDK Question Set FOV

    How can FOV be set? Have tried double FOV = 30; SetFOV (FOV); but get good old error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall ShuttlePB::SetFOV(double)" ([email protected]@@[email protected]) referenced in function "public: virtual int __thiscall...