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  1. Andy44

    News Interstellar Technologies MOMO-2 failure

    Hadn't heard about this one, a startup in Japan attempted a launch today and the vehicle crashed and burned on the pad:
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    News Alan Bean RIP Apollo 12 LMP Alan Bean has passed away/ ---------- Post added at 03:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:04 PM ----------
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    2001: A Space Odyssey at 50

    Hard to believe this movie is so old, now, but it still is one of the greatest films of all time, and of course a huge inspiration to us Orbinauts. Word has it that Christopher Nolan is preparing a 70mm copy of the film for a re-release in theatres. You better bet I'll be looking out for...
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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)

    Okay, I guess I'll be the one to kick this off. Episode VIII of the Star Wars trilogy of trilogies opened tonight and I just got home from it. I have many observations to make, and lots of opinions, of course, which I'll get into tomorrow since it's late here. But first off: SPOILERS...
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    Jerry Pournelle RIP

    Somehow I missed this, one of my favorite SF authors of all time died the other day: Pournelle was a major figure in the "military SF" genre, in the tradition of Robert Heinlein, with a mapped out future history and hard-as-nails sci...
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    Oddball Aircraft in History

    I remember years ago seeing a photo in a magazine of a weird black fighter jet that had four engines, two under each wing. It was supposed to be a night fighter or something, had a straight wing, didn't look very fast, but was very stately looking, if that makes any sense. 2-man crew was seated...
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    Science Interesting article on cults and followers

    I label this science...behavioral science? I've always wondered why people fall for cults and cult-like organizations. This article explains some of it, very interesting:
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    Science MAssive Lake of Molten Carbon Discovered Under the USA
  9. Andy44

    Richard Hatch "Apollo" of BSG, RIP He was the original Apollo back in the 1978 version of Battlestar Galactica, and later got involved in the 2004 version by playing a villain. All those years in between he kept lobbying hard to keep the...
  10. Andy44

    News Ron Glass aka Shepherd Book RIP :( 2016, is it almost over? Hope he's going to the Special Heaven.
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    Plane Spotting Article

    An interesting article about worldwide plane spotting and the use of spotters' data by news and intel agencies: I know of people who do this sort of thing with railroads, too, tracking each locomotive as it moves...
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    NASA art travel posters

    Not sure if anyone posted these before, but I thought they are really cool. Like the kind of travel posters from the 1920s and 30s for railroads and ocean liners. Amtrak has retro posters like this today in train stations. Love this kind of art, and the posters themselves really bring me back to...
  13. Andy44

    News China planning to build spaceplane

    No idea what it will look like, but according to the article it is similar in concept to Skylon.
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    Discussion Apollo astronauts suffer due to radiation exposure Sounds bad for any trips beyond LEO.
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    Sun Entering New Phase of its Life?

    If this is true then I am amazed at the fact that it's happening right now in my lifetime. Until about decade ago the 11-year cycle was textbook stuff and then all of the sudden it seemed to stop...
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    Discussion Apollo 19 S1C stage going on display in Mississippi

    S1C serial no. 515. It's been sitting at Michoud since the Apollo program was cancelled in the 70s. Fred Haise, intended commander of Apollo 19, will be present at the ceremony. According to the article the eventual plan is to build a structure for it to preserve it...
  17. Andy44

    C-130 Hercules still going strong

    An article about the Hercules. Not only has the model been in production since 1954(!), Lockheed Martin is about to start producing civilian versions of it again, the L-100J. The latest version of the Hercules has...
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    News Kepler telescope in trouble

    Not really sure what the problem is yet but it sounds like it's burning propellant at a higher rate to keep it sun-pointing until they find a way to recover it. The long light-time delay is making it difficult.
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    Bus driver killed by meteor in India
  20. Andy44

    The Wonder of Quasars

    This is not heavy in math or science per se, but it's a good read.