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    Project ASVI 2017

    We are updating ASVI base for the new version of Orbiter: Old New in development: Night Coming soon :cheers:
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    Scenario Base Texture

    I'm building the new base for ASVI obiter 2016, I was thinking of doing two texture packs for buildings, one in 512 and one in 1024, and to the version of "Night" .I realized that the textures compressed in DTX1 but with correct dimensions are less beautiful qualitatively speaking, the textures...
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    Project “Moonlight Mission”

    Coming soon....i hope :lol:
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    Ascension Island 2016

    Ascension Island tile
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    SDK Question How do I increase or decrease the level of rcs

    Hi guys. I have a question to submit, How do I increase or decrease the level of rcs? I tried with SetThrusterLevel but does not work as it should. :shrug: for (int i = 0; i < 24; i++) SetThrusterLevel (th_rcs[i], lvl); When the variable lvl is > 0, all rcs are activated.
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    Project Honolulu Airport(s)

    Coming soon....i hope :hailprobe: Tile level 6 2048*2048 Related videos :chainsaw:
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    Project Yamato Space Battleship

    This addon is dedicated to Akira Matsumoto aka Leiji...coming soon :salute:
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    General Question Using GetAtmTemperature to get temperature above Earth's atmosphere

    I have a problem, I want to simulate the temperature in the empty space above the Earth's atmosphere in degrees Celsius. Using the function GetAtmTemperature above 100 km altitude the temperature is increased to 500 600 degrees, at an altitude of 2500 km the temperature falls to -273 °C...
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    General Question Simulate heat shield

    Hi guys I have an idea,and want to know if i can achieve it. Orbiter gives us the ability to use the spot light or point light by varying the intensity: LightEmitter *le = AddPointLight (_V(0,-2.0,-29), 200, 1e-3, 0, 2e-3, col_d, col_s, col_a); le->SetIntensityRef (&th_main_level); It...
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    C++ Question On-Off SpotLight

    In this formula the spot light is on: docking_light = (SpotLight*)AddSpotLight(_V(0.0,-1.022404,12.6), _V(0,0,1), 150, 1e-3, 0, 1e-3, RAD*25, RAD*60, col_white, col_white, col_a); docking_light->Activate(true); How can i turn off automatically when the door is closed?:idk: :hail::hail:
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    Problem cannot open include file afxres.h

    Hi guys I can not build the module at the Atlantis,it always gives me this error: 1>Atlantis.rc(10): fatal error RC1015: cannot open include file 'afxres.h'. Why?This file is included :shrug:
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    C++ Question DelThruster

    Hi guys, I have created this code for my vessel engine: // main thrusters th_main[0] = CreateThruster (_V(0.0,-0.0,-2.91), _V(0,0,1), MAX_MAIN_THRUST, ph_main, ISP); th_main[1] = CreateThruster (_V(-0.0,-0.0,-2.91), _V(0,0,1), MAX_JET_THRUST, ph_jet, ISP); CreateThrusterGroup (th_main, 2...
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    Problem NAV MODE dont work in VC

    I tried a thousand times but does not work, the lights come on properly, keyboard works, it is only with the mouse I can not run. If anyone can help I would be very happy, thanks:hail: oapiVCRegisterArea (AID_NAVMODE, _R( 0,0, 262,32), PANEL_REDRAW_MOUSE|PANEL_REDRAW_USER, PANEL_MOUSE_LBDOWN...
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    Problem Load and Save State

    Hi guys I have a problem with saving the state of the scenario. I have a door that I would like to open and close, and save the state in the scenario, but every time I start the scenario the door is always closed. What's wrong? // -------------------------------------------------------------- //...
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    Project Spiral mig-105

    Repeat here the discussion on the Spiral :tiphat: This is the model that I am currently building: And relative cockpit: General layout with TU50-50 I state that I am not a programmer, a designer and an expert on air space dynamic ...and my english is not good :cool: ---------- Post...
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    Problem TU50/50 suborbital plane

    Hi guys ,i'm italian and sorry for my bad-english (i'm used translator :D ) This is the my next add-on but i have a little problem with a contrail-texture.. I would want to emulate the contrail real ,than under a sure height they are not visible (vapour trails or contrails usually occur...