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    C++ Question Change Visual Studio Vars

    Hello I have one question regarding visual studio: I cannot find out were those $(ConfigDir) variables are set. How can I modify them if they are wrong? I've searched through the project files but can't find them and even in this view they cannot be edited...
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    API Question Getting orbit altitude for a given time from Orbital Elements

    Ha thanks again, now I'm able to draw the flight path (yellow line) easy (before I used a simple, numerical euler integration) and to calculate importantant altitude information :) It's much faster now! Now I can think about to do the burn to flatten the flight path for final approach...
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    API Question Getting orbit altitude for a given time from Orbital Elements

    Ok I testet the following: double SurfaceSpeedMFD::getAltitudeOverBase() { OBJHANDLE hRef = mfdi->v->GetGravityRef(); ORBITPARAM *prm = new ORBITPARAM; ELEMENTS el; double angle = mfdi->distanceToBasePad / oapiGetSize(hRef); // mfdi->distanceToBasePad is ground track...
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    API Question Getting orbit altitude for a given time from Orbital Elements

    Thank you! And how can I get dt for an angle or distance(ground track) to travel from now?
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    API Question Getting orbit altitude for a given time from Orbital Elements

    Hello, is there a more or less simple way to get the altitude of an orbit for a given number of seconds from now from the orbital elements from the Orbiter API?
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    Get Time to a given distance

    Ok that answers my questions thank you!
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    Get Time to a given distance

    Hi one question: When V0 - Speed relativ to given point s - distance to a given point a - constant acceleration, (positiv, negativ or 0) are given, how can I calculate the time to pass the point in a common formula? I have found the formula but I don't guess it's corect for this case because...
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    Quaterinions and autopilot questions

    Hello after a few years I started to continue some projects for Orbiter. But I'm a bit out from my thoughts years ago and cannot remember all the staff so I have some questions: First of all I want to remove some "Bug" I did using quaternions so I guess I builded them wrong and corrected somhow...
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    Project New Baseland Version

    Did you use Program 400 with hover brake manouver? If yes I can cofirm the crash. It happens because in this scenario the altitude is way to high over the base pass for the XR2 because it has a very heavy hover engine and so it hadn't much time to flatten the approach path because else, the...
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    [Tuesday] Release of OrbiterSound 5.0 for Orbiter 2016

    Hello, I've got a "Windows Defender" warning (5.0 and 5.1). Can I ignore that?
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    Gaming New Microsoft Flight Simulator?

    Does somebody figured out if it supports VR in the release version? I can't find a clear official statement... .. ah maybe not at launch..: Will Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Have VR Support? Yes, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jörg Neumann has said that VR is a "high priority" for...
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    Gaming Digital Combat Simulator Thread

    I mean that some parts are still classified, and I read that the employment of the AGM-E was also classified in 2013 when the video was posted, maybe it changed because the F/A-18 has been declassified, but some systems are still classifed, even for the A-10C and so they have been simplified...
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    Gaming Digital Combat Simulator Thread

    Yes I agree that for the realistic parts it's more a simulation than a game, but for e.g. Combined Arms it's more a game, so it's a mix. I also heared that some features are modifed if they are classified, so maybe 5% are missed because they are classified but nobody knows. I also heared that...
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    Gaming Digital Combat Simulator Thread

    It's a physic/world/simulation/"game" engine to simulate virtual combats. Mostly for aircrafts, some of them in a very deep level of details so that it is near realistc for those aircrafts. It's almost a flight simulator for military aircrafts and helicopters, but there is also a module for...
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    Launch News 50th anniversary of Apllo 13

    50 years ago, Apollo 13 lifted off from the Cape. Apollo 13 has shown us how it is possible to manage a crisis. We need more of such experts as well today, no more stupid politcans please! :)
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    Gaming Digital Combat Simulator Thread

    I'm waiting since EF2000 in 1995 to be back in this aircraft :tiphat::cheers: Here is also a new youtube video by Wags showing the new carrier operations:
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    Internet Video Thread

    @ 3:20 - They forgott the compass :facepalm: However, a great plane!
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    Gaming Digital Combat Simulator Thread

    Another module has been release in early accsess, it's the chineese / pakistani JF-17. It seems to be the first module which has a "usable" ground radar (see attached video @ ~ 9:00). However, I will still wait they finish the F/A-18 before buying another early accsess module... Does...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    For everybody who thought that it makes no difference wether if you go to election or not: In the "state election" of Thüringen (Germany) it could be possible that one vote makes the difference if the FDP moves into the state parlament or not. That's very curious to me. However, the official...