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  1. Ripley

    Include Artlav's Autotime in future OpenOrbiter release

    ...Or any other solution to solve the problem of forgetting autopilots on when timewarping = empty tanks. It was (still is) a native option in Dansteph's OrbiterSound, but what if an Orbinaut only installs XRSound? Thanks PS: is there a...
  2. Ripley

    Scenario Bases evolving in time

    Hi all, apart from having multiple Orbiter installations with copies of a base (which sounds a bit overkill), is it possible to have a base that evolves with the passage of time? More/different buildings, launch towers, etc? Or is it already possible by editing the scn file?
  3. Ripley

    A better MAP MFD performance

    Just a memo to the new/future Orbiter developers, about the age-old problem of very sluggish (default) Map MFD performance, when fully zoomed out. Asbjos made this:
  4. Ripley

    R.I.P. Chick Corea
  5. Ripley

    News Molecular water detected on the sunlit Moon by SOFIA
  6. Ripley

    R.I.P. Lyle Mays
  7. Ripley

    New telescope as birthday present to a 10 yo boy

    Hi gentlemen. What would you recommend, as per the title says? No previous experience, very curious. Do you have some suggestions for a decent entry-level telescope but non so entry to be too limiting. Thanks.
  8. Ripley

    Joni Mitchell's tunings

    Hi all. I guess some Orbinauts play guitar, and maybe, like I do, they also love Joni Mitchell. Well, I've always been puzzled by her many different tunings, and to cut a long story short, I've just made this little Excel file that somehow helps in studying those (or any) tunings. Here's the...
  9. Ripley

    Meteorite disintegrates over Russia

    NASA confirmed that a fireball struck Earth on June 21 at 1:15 UTC. The fireball was viewed from the Russian city of Lipetsk, which is southeast of Moscow and towards the Ukrainian border...
  10. Ripley

    Internet Find duplicates

    Do you have any particular software to recommend that finds (and eventually deletes) duplicate files (photos, mp3s, etc) ?
  11. Ripley

    General Question Orbiter2010 HiRes textures

    Are Orbiter2010 HiRes textures still hosted somewhere? This link isn't active anymore. Copied from
  12. Ripley

    News RIP Dolores O'Riordan

    Dolores O'Riordan, the Cranberries Singer, Dead at 46 Singer of Nineties hits "Linger," "Dreams" and "Zombie" dies in London, though a cause of death has yet to be revealed
  13. Ripley

    Software "Small software" for fast 3D orbits visualization

    Reading a sentence by a FOI member written in a post about an Earth-Moon off-plane transfer, namely: made me think that I also often have difficulties in visualizing three-dimensionally what I do (or merely plan to do) in Orbiter, with all these balls tumbling in the Universe!!! And it's a...
  14. Ripley

    News [Desaparecidos] 29 Argentine military sentenced to life imprisonment

    That's some good news, after all these years! Mothers of Plaza de Mayo have something to celebrate.
  15. Ripley

    Malcolm Young, RIP
  16. Ripley

    Question What can we do with Lua

    First, sorry for the extreme noobiness of my post/request. I think that I, for one, could really enjoy a very general post in this new Lua subforum where someone presents and briefly explains to those who don't know what Lua is, what can be done with it in Orbiter. I know it's a scripting...
  17. Ripley

    Science Stephen Hawking's thesis

    Cambridge University recently put in public domain Stephen Hawking's graduation thesis from 1966, titled "Properties of Expanding Universes". Download link
  18. Ripley

    News RIP Fats Domino

    Another one of the big names has passed. Fats Domino, New Orleans rock'n'roll pioneer, dies aged 89
  19. Ripley

    Moonscape – The Apollo 11 Moonwalk in HD

    From Paolo Attivissimo, the same author of "Moon Hoax: DEBUNKED!", here's a free documentary (ENG/ESP/ITA languages available) called MOONSCAPE. From Download from author's Google Drive...
  20. Ripley

    Question Rodent Research 9

    And so, SpaceX CRS-12 mission is over. While reading about the Dragon reentry and the Rodent Research 9 experiment at, this sentence caught my eye (emphasys mine): Does it mean that (usually) the poor mice get burned in the atmosphere, after serving science? :salute: