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  1. Logifech

    Problem downloadorbiter Down?

    Hello all, the site is down? where can i get the Hires Texture pack?? Please help me Sorry for my bad englisch. logifech
  2. Logifech

    Best FSX Addons

    Hello Guys, what Addons are the best for FSX i have Acceleration and Just Flight Space Shuttle. How can i get in Space with Just Flight Space Shuttle Addon? Cheers Logifech
  3. Logifech

    General Question What Programms i need

    Hey Guys, what Programms i need to make my Own Addons? and is there any C++ Tutorial German or English or can anybody teach me C++? Please help me. logifech ps: Hail the :probe:
  4. Logifech

    Question How can i make my own Scn.

    Hello Guys, i have a qestion. How can i make my own Sceneraio for Orbiter with International Space Station by Thorton. David413 Shuttle Fleet. and Slats LC-39EDW Soyuz Series and Proton LAunch Vehicle? Please Help. Logifech
  5. Logifech

    Altlantis Succesfull Landed

    Atlantis has Succesfull Landed at The Kennedy Space Center on Runway 33. Welcome Home Atlantis Crew!
  6. Logifech

    Request Shuttle Fleet V4.2.0 Expasion Pack

    Hello, can somebody make an Expansion Pack with all Shuttle Missions Hublle Space Telescope Missions, Spacelab missions and much more. With Kennedy Space Center Hire-es and Edwards AIrforce base Like Slat's and Slat's Launchpad? Please Help