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  1. Eli13

    World's first 'sky-worthy' car

    NY Auto Show: World's first 'sky-worthy' car The vehicle has retractable wings allowing it to fit in a suburban garage. Thought this was rather interesting, even if it so darn slow. Its maximum speed is about 100 knots (185 km/h), cruises at 93 (172 km/h) and drives on the highway at about...
  2. Eli13

    A Special Visit

    Today in my aviation club at school, we had a man come talk to us. That man, who introduced himself as Mr. Pelingro, was on the ignition panel of Apollo 9 and 11. He worked on the cooling of the fuels in the Saturn 1b and V. You can see some of what he worked on here: The duct work on the...
  3. Eli13

    No more patch requests

    Well, bad news. The site I use to compile (and partly create) the patches I make, has been hacked and has been rendered useless. I'm not going to post a link in fear of spreading any viruses (if any) to the site but here is what it looks like at the moment. So, I really cannot make any...
  4. Eli13

    Favorite Shuttle Patch?

    Since there's a lot of shuttle mania going on not just here, but on the media and what not, I decided we should have a thread asking for people's favorite shuttle patch. My personal preference is STS-129's patch. I have no specific reason for liking it other than the fact that I really like...
  5. Eli13

    Biggest wildfire in Arizona's History

    {read more} I hope that all our Arizonan orbinauts are OK.
  6. Eli13

    New VSA, the Union Space Command (USC)

    Hello all, I've created a new VSA that will have goals as any VSA does, but will do other things that have not been done quite yet. First off, it will tell a background story in the future. Here is a basic timeline: 2013- Coup de'etat in Russia brings communism back to power 2015- NATO is...
  7. Eli13

    Cool names for spacecraft

    No matches on the forum great :P Anyways, I'm just starting a thread for you to post good, bad and ugly names for spacecraft :lol: Feel free to post anything you think is a good name or maybe some of your favorite names of programs past or present. (or future for that matter ;) ) Hail the probe...
  8. Eli13

    Request More Arrow Freighter Textures?

    I'm sure this has already been addressed, but not in any threads I could find. But honestly, the Arrow Freighter, AR-18 or whatever you want to call it needs some serious re-paints. It's a solid ship, and I think it wouldn't be doing it justice to not have more than two re-paints for it. Thanks...
  9. Eli13

    General Question How to attach Building Blocks 4.0 to a spacecraft?

    Just another stupid question from yours truly. Well I've had these (Space Station Building Blocks 4.0) downloaded for a while but i really haven't done anything with them yet, and I have no Earthly idea on how to attach a module to a space craft (I'm planning on using a space shuttle(default...
  10. Eli13

    Request Autoland Autopilot

    Yeah I'm requesting another lazy autopilot, but thats because well I'd like cleaner landings ;) Just one to work with VSTOL craft or if theres a way to adapt the Arrow Freighters autoland autopilot to other craft and package it in a MFD form that'd be awesome. I haven't seen anything in the...
  11. Eli13

    Orbiter in your life

    Just an off topic thread here. Do you show it off to others or keep to yourself? I've kept it mostly to myself as I just moved well 400 miles from my home. I don't really come across to others as a person who might like this stuff. At least thats what some of my friends have said. Ive told some...
  12. Eli13

    FPS and graphics settings

    O-F Staff Note: Nine off-topic posts from XR2 Ravenstar Mk II thread moved here. :lol: thats the problem.
  13. Eli13

    Problem Shuttle Lua MFD Problems

    Hey all I've been playing around with the shuttle for a while but nothing more serious than launching into orbit and releasing payloads and ending the scenario. And I've always just used the Lua MFD for launching. Then a couple days ago, it started to weird stuff to me. Well just one thing...
  14. Eli13

    Alien found? Really?

    I don't know if anyone has seen this but i dont know what to make of it. Anyways, here you go. Honestly I think it's fake but whatever. People believe this stuff.
  15. Eli13

    Question How to re-enable forum's Top Stats?

    Hey I disabled the 'Top Stats' at the top of the home page by accident (I was messing around with my options in case you ask) and i would like to have those back on. Is there a way i can re-enable them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Eli13

    Request Flight Computer MFD

    Hey all, I'm sure you all are very familiar with the DG-IV-II by DanSteph. And the Arrow Frigate included in his UCGO package. On the Arrow Freighter there is a convenient little thing that automatically lands you and the flight computer on the delta glider makes a lot of different maneuvers...
  17. Eli13

    U.S pilot requirements?

    Hey i was just wondering what all the requirements are to be a fighter pilot in the U.S Air Force. Its all I've really wanted to do. I know its extremely hard to do too and requirements may seem endless. Any response would be appreciated. And any tips would be great too. Thanks! :thumbup:
  18. Eli13

    VOSSA Wants You!

    Looking for shuttle pilots! If you think you've got the skills visit and apply!
  19. Eli13

    Problem How to find XPDR

    Hey all, I've been using the UCGO add-on alot and i can land easily at places with a VOR frequency, but whenever i unpack a XPDR landing beacon, i can never find a way to select it for landing. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Eli13

    MFD Automatic Orbit MFD

    OK, i wouldn't know any of the mathematics behind this, but it'd be great if you're using R-Warp 1.5 when that simply puts you on a collision course with a planet/ship/station. It'd be great for lunar missions and simple orbit and de-orbit missions.