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    appropriate usernames strike

    so,yea by the name of this entry,you probably should be able to guess at what i am implying but,if you didn't get it: long story short,i became a communist recently it was interesting how i went from being a "conservative" to a communist,but,hey,things happen im not up for debate here,and i will...
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    Wow so happy right now

    okay,so,i run a tumblr blog,and i post pictures of a controversial nature on there,so it doesnt suprise me when someone requests me to take thier pictures down im not one to remove content when you are overly rude toward me,most of the time,that will get you more exposure in my blog but i have...
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    im a...Furry

    yes,I am i think this will explain this community has helped me to be more open-minded and ive made a lot of new friends now,i have not,nor will ever,leave this community,Orbiter is still one of those things which never gets old,im just devloping new intrests i probably will not be active on the...
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    Diamond City Earthquake(fictional)

    Diamond Citythe day after thanksgiving Diamond city was struck by a 9.1 Earthquake,so far we only have estimates but up to 25,000 people may have been affected,the city skyline has been drastically altered by the collapse of many Supertall buildings(Triton Center Complex Diamond City,Ferdinand...
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    Question your opinion on elevators/lifts

    what do you think about them?
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    Problem Atmospheric autopilot in DGIV-2 causes problems

    the atmospheric auto pilot when engaged,causes the elevons to completely disappear,why this is i am still clueless
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    DRSC launches to date

    1:during launch a guidance system failed,sending the spacecraft on a flight to the capitol of the country,security measures were implemented and guidance systems were upgraded.1/14/85 2:First launch from Union Spaceport,suborbital.6/5/85 3:explosion on pad,space program suspended...
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    Problem DGIV control surface deflection problem

    it seems i cant get the elevons to go nuetral after disengaging the autopiliot regardless what control mode is selected http:// look at the elevons in the picture
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    Hardware 3D device list only shows RGB emulation

    I am running Windows 7. i dont know why it wont support other modes
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    Running Orbiter from a DVD?

    is it a good idea to transfer Orbiter to a DVD disk? are there copyright issues??
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    Delta Glider - How could it be built for real?

    hello all if you havent heard, Flightline Aerospace is currently organsing anyone who wants to be a part of the greatest project EVER, bulding the deltaglider within 35 years we hope to be sucessful i wish to have martins approval *Staff note* Please use this thread to constructively discuss...
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    Problem transfer MFD acting wierd with DGIV

    trassfer MFDs DV indicator doesnt change and HTO shows a hyperbolic trajectory PLEASE help
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    Problem XR5 external cooling turns on external oxygen

    i dont know what is going on every time i turn external cooling on it says that oxygen flow has been suspended and external oxygen is being used
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    my own way of doing reentry timing(is it correct?)

    i have a specific way of doing the timing for the reentry burn, 1:get to orbit using your own ascent or an autopiliot 2:wait a few orbits until your orbit plane passes near target base 3:orient retrograde and fire retrograde when your bearing indicator says 90 degrees 4:reentry slope MUST BE -2...
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    General Question what is orbiter_ng.exe

    i just want to know what is the purpose of the orbiter_ng.exe file hail:probe: is it a multiplayer client?
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    favorite addon

    what is your favorite ADDON aircraft(DGIV,XR-2etc) post response if other DELETE THIS PLEASE
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    hi from russia

    hi everybody HAIL:probe: