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    I would like to know how Can I return to my home XD

    Hi everyone, I flaw the Apollo missions of NASSP 6 along the last years in real time, (flying four hours per day), and I am actually at the Apollo XVI mission. I had a lot of adventures in the Moon and..., except Apollo XIII and Apollo VIII, (because I didn't want spend time in no walking in the...

    Question Strange english word to me not relationed closely with Orbiter

    Hi all. I am sorry but I don't know where can I find help for my issue. And maybe you guys can help me. I am spanish and I am not sure if I read it correctly or if the word really exist but, in any case, the word exist in fact. But, first I must explain a little things. I have a book about the...

    General Question FoV

    Hi to everyone and sorry for my english. I would like to know if someone can give me info about the best way to put the FoV to the most realistic grades. Actually I usually put it in 60º because theorically I think that we can say that each eye have more or less 30º of view. And well 30º plus...

    Problem Problems when I start a quiksave docking with the ISS

    Hi everyone, and sorry for my english, Two days ago, I have docked my DG IV with the default ISS, and I made a normal quicksave. When I try to start the quiksave I can´t understand why, but my windows is collapsed, and close the Orbiter. I have made some tests and this only happends when I make...

    [ESP] Problemas con el cielo del Orbiter

    Hola a todos... me preguntaba si alguien podría decirme cómo podría conseguir que el cielo de la tierra se manteniese azul, ya que no se por qué narizes por más que reinstalo el Orbiter, cuando lo ejecuto, el cielo es azul durante unos segundos, o sencillamente en cuanto cambio de vista se...

    [ESP] Duda acerca de los videos

    ¿Alguien podría confirmarme si los videos hechos en el simulador se ven afectados por los cambios realizados en los parametros? Es una pregunta estupida ,lo se, pero acabo de aprender para que sirve lo de Nonspherical gravity sources y estoy apunto de regresar de la luna habiendo tenido este...