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    OHM X-wing Starfighter Red5

    Yea, I've been recently trying again. I've tried many configurations. I'm totally re-writing the Config file now. Looks like I've crashed on Dagobah...
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    OHM X-wing Starfighter Red5

    Y-wing The Y-wing is a 2003 model found at avsim (ppywing I think). I had to do some serious mods to the config and scenario files to get it to work. Then a lot of coloring modifications to the mesh, and some re-texturing. Wish I could upload it completed, but I don't have the author's...
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    TIE Fighter Package 2016-02-27

    4 Star Wars TIE Fighters including the original uploaded by marcogavazzeni; with permission, these have been re-scaled and repainted in the colors of the movies. Included is: Original TIE Fighter (will overwrite "TIEF", but the only change is a slightly smaller scale to match UMMU). "A New Hope"...
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    First Order TIE Fighter 2016-02-21

    A repaint and resize of the original Tie Fighter by marcogavazzeni in the colors of the First Order standard TIE Fighter from Star Wars The Force Awakens. Was playing around with the mesh colors and the result was pretty cool, so I thought I would share it for others to enjoy!  Resized to the...
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    OHM X-wing Starfighter Red5

    On the first 30 or so downloads after the 11/30/15 update, you may notice a piece of the rear cockpit glass moving with the canopy. I overlooked it somehow (Doh!). It is fixed.
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    X-wing Starfighter Red5 2015-11-29

    Here is Luke Skywalker's Red 5 X-wing Starfighter from Star Wars Episode IV with moving parts.  I wanted a more complex X-wing for Orbiter, so I started to learn to develop, and this is the end product. I hope you enjoy it! Just paste the folders into your Orbiter directory and have fun...
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    OHM Star Wars universe

    Works just fine in 2010. As alagreca said, just remove the ships from the scenario file. Then save it, putting your own ships in it. I'm actually building an Echo Base for Hoth right now....(well...when I get my good computer fixed that is)...complete with textured mountains...the hangar going...
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    OHM Imperial Star Destroyer

    Alright, I was too Curious and...Oooops! Used UCGO and put one guy at the tip and another at the engines. ~2200m. Ehhh...not bad for eyeballing it I guess.
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    Good Day! I may have done it wrong, but I tried to PM you a while back about an addon of mine...

    Good Day! I may have done it wrong, but I tried to PM you a while back about an addon of mine that I textured with your Executor and Deathstar textures. I ended up just releasing the Star Destroyer to the community before my good computer's HDD crashed, and gave you full credit for the...
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    OHM Imperial Star Destroyer

    Thanks! Honestly I didn't think about measuring it...I don't know how long it is. I just scaled it to look right with some pics of the Millennium Falcon hiding. I wonder what it came out to be?:shrug: As far as 600 m goes, I did it intentionally...looked too cool hovering over everything else...
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    Imperial Star Destroyer 2013-03-25

    Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer. 6 Docking Ports for any ship or:    -Dock1: fits the Tyd. Shuttle.    -Dock2: fits the Corvette.    -Docks 3 and 4: fits Tie Fighter and/or Interceptor.    -Dock5: fits the Slave1    -Dock6: hides the M. Falcon behind the bridge! Enjoy! I can only...
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    OHM Buck Rogers Thunder Fighter Update

    Many apologies goose for not responding, some serious family health issues has kept me away. I wish I knew why that happened to you. I've not seen it in my "very" crowded orbiter program, or in a clean one. All I could recommend to try would be to put it in a clean version of orbiter and see if...
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    OHM Buck Rogers Thunder Fighter Update

    Yep, I just downloaded a tutorial for adding working VC's. That's next! (rubbing my hands together and laughing menacingly).
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    Buck Rogers Thunder Fighter Update 2011-11-12

    Here is the Buck Rogers Thunder Fighter from the popular TV show. Take her for a spin out of the atmosphere, dock her to the ISS, or warp her to Saturn! Have fun! But be gentle, Twiki is watching! -K opens the canopy.  **Update** Vastly improved model, now includes animated control surfaces...
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    OHM X-wing Starfighter Red5

    It's no problem, as I do more, I'll get more complex with my models and would love to get to the level of implementing more features, but I'll also take all the constructive criticism that I can get. I also have many downloads with no VC's and am not too worried about it...but I would like to...