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    Equations of motion used by Orbiter's integrator

    I was wondering if anyone has a link to the equations of motion that are integrated by Orbiter in order to calculate its trajectories. In particular, I'd be very interested to see how lift and drag are incorporated. Thanks!
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    Better SSME Exhaust for Shuttle Fleet V4.8?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to get a better SSME exhaust plume for Shuttle Fleet V4.8. At the moment it looks like a slow gas emanating from the nozzle instead of what the real SSME exhaust looks like. Thanks very much.
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    Vessel Rocket-Back Reusable Booster System

    I was just wondering if anyone has created an addon based on (or similar to) that which is described in the following paper: It would be very interesting to have something like this in orbiter.
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    Question Changing GPC MFD's Entry Base (Shuttle Fleet v4.8)

    I've had a bit of a look around the various Shuttle Fleet v4.8 documents to try and see if there is a way to change the base that GPC MFD's "entry energy" (OPS 3) screen uses but haven't been able to thus far. It seems to be set on Cape Canaveral by default and I'm trying to change it to Edwards...
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    Downloading and Installing Auto FCS

    I've been trying to find a Shuttle autopilot and it seems Auto FCS is what everyone is using, but I can't seem to find it or activate it in my Orbiter install. I tried Ctrl + F4, but there is no Auto FCS option, and trying to download it from doesn't work...
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    Mathematics behind IMFD

    Hi guys, I recently started using IMFD and was blown away by its ease of use and accuracy when finding interplanetary trajectories. Does anyone know if IMFD's author, Jarmo I think, has released documentation covering the mathematics used? I'm guessing it was some sort of advanced Lambert...
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    Persistent Orbiter

    Hi guys, I was wondering if there is a mod that will allow a similar experience to Kerbal Space Program's persistent environment. I'd love to be able to build up a space station or a base on another planet over multiple trips, instead of having to reset each time I start up an Orbiter session.
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    Flight Question Knowing when to launch from Earth for Earth-Moon or Earth-Mars travel

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out, in general, the best time to launch from Earth if I want to minimize the delta-v required to align planes with the Moon or Mars before I start the Trans-Lunar or Trans-Mars injection. So far I've got it horribly wrong, usually 50 degrees off, effectively...
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    LaunchMFD Launch MFD's Launch Compass

    Hi guys, I've noticed that the launch compass that is included in Launch MFD does not work on some vehicles (for example AMSO and Shuttle Fleet v4.8) and was wondering is anyone else has experienced these problems. I thought that part of the attraction for using Launch MFD was the ability to...
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    General Question AMSO Space EVA

    Hi guys, I recently got the amazing AMSO mod and I'm very keen to try out the EVA function whilst orbiting Earth but have so far been unable to. I can jettison the 3rd stage from the CSM and then link the CSM to the LM and undock from the 3rd stage again, but once that's done pressing J, K and...
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    Support Earth High-Resolution Clouds Very Pixelated

    I guys, I recently downloaded the Earth High-Resolution Clouds mod ( but I'm now getting horrible looking clouds. I did as the readme said, and just copied the textures into my Textures2 folder, overwriting the default texture. Has anyone else...
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    Useful on-the-fly equations for Orbiter

    Hi guys, After using the launch azimuth equation ( with great effect to get to the ISS I thought maybe there where other simple and useful equations that could easily be used on-the-fly to make fairly accurate manoeuvres instead of using MFDs and...
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    Scenario ISS Rendezvous

    Hi guys, I've been following a tutorial on how to rendezvous with the ISS in the Delta Glider but am having some trouble. I align planes, then set my perigee to that of the ISS's altitude when it passes my perigee, and then try and get DTmin to 0.00 by applying appropriate prograde burns at...
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    Problem TransX Ejection Manoeuvre Errors

    I've been trying to create a transfer from Earth to Mars using TransX but I keep running into the same problem. I've set up the required ejection date and burns etc. and aligned myself with Mars' orbital plane, but when actually trying to set the manoeuvre up with manoeuvre mode on, and adding...
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    General Question XR2 Ravenstar Oxygen

    Hi guys, I'm trying to learn how to use IMFD by going through tutorial replays, but the spacecraft that is always used in the tutorials is the XR2 and the crew always dies because of hypoxia even before take-off. I've look everywhere in the cockpit to try and find the oxygen switch but can't...
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    Problem Precision Needed to Get to Moon

    Hi guys, I've been using Tex's Earth to Moon TransX tutorial but am having some problems. I can set the flight plan up fine and align our orbital planes, but when it comes to actually applying the thrust in the required direction I seem to mess it up. I make sure the green x is in the centre of...