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  1. Bloodworth

    Request RAGTAG FLEET

    I am working on a BSG related 3D rendering project and there are certain ships that I need. Sadly, the Coxxon models are no longer available as far as I can tell. If anybody still has the RagTag Fleet ships, I can convert the models from those files. What I need: Botanical Cruiser Flattop...
  2. Bloodworth

    The exact speed of light

    I have a question for the actual physicists in the group. My understanding is, that the statement of the speed of light being 186,000 MPS is a generalization, that the actual speed of light is 186,282 MPS. For most this will seem like picking nits, but for the project I am working on (and...
  3. Bloodworth

    Vessel Battlestar Hyades

    Ok, I haven't been around for ages, sorry. Stumbled across a newer(ish) battlestar design lately that absolutely took my breath away and i want to FLY it :) If there is anyone familiar with the old Ragtag fleet ships that is the sort of thing I am looking for.
  4. Bloodworth

    Game of Thrones challenge

    Ok, here's the deal. I've been reading (and watching) the "game of thrones" series, and the first thing that came to mind was "WTF kind of orbit does this planet have to have the sort of seasonal cycle it does!?" Is it within our ability here to try and figure out what kind of orbit this...
  5. Bloodworth

    Orbiter wish list

    This is a place to post all those cool things that you would like to see in a future release of orbiter. No, I'm not asking for any of these things to become a reality, just kind of fanticising :) Permanent orulex style terrain with standardized hightmaps at least for the moon and mars, and...
  6. Bloodworth

    Scenario Scenario keeps crashing

    I have a long term scenario going. The current mission has 2 ARROW explorers launching to mars from earth orbit. After several hours (realtime) of getting the alignment correct, and a successful launch, the scenario crashes a couple of days out from earth. The first time this happened it was...
  7. Bloodworth

    Lunar food franchises

    Wasn't entirely sure where else to put this. My blog chapter "Paid Advertisement" got me thinking. What kind of names would you see for food (especially but not exclusively FAST food) franchises on our lunar bases? Let me begin with what I came up with... Tycho Bell Tranquility Tacos Pizza...
  8. Bloodworth

    Paid Advertisement

    Hungry? Hosting a party in your dome? Too busy in the isotope harvesters to grab lunch? Work assignment at the VLA too far out to get to the dome and back in your allotted meal period? Just don’t feel like cooking this cycle? Then let us do it for you! Trans Lunar Pizza Delivery...
  9. Bloodworth

    The Armstrong Leap

    Mon. October 16, 2045 Julia Eng New York Times Earth - After several hours of careful alignment burns today, the spacecraft Armstrong with her crew of 12 brave men and women fired their main engines today at precisely 6:01 pm EDT; accelerating out of Earth orbit and flinging...
  10. Bloodworth


    Amber Nightingale United Press Aug. 4, 2045 Pasadena, CA. USA – The atmosphere was jubilant here at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Spaceflight Operations Center today as the long awaited Mars Resource Surveyor Satellite performed a successful aerocapture maneuver slowing it...
  11. Bloodworth

    Going nowhere, Fast

    Kelly Sharpton Associated Press Tue. April 18, 2045 Washington D.C. - After a three day cruise phase, the spacecraft Armstrong turned her 6 main engines toward the Earth a few hours ago and performed a braking burn, shedding her interplanetary velocity, and fell into a 350 kilometer...
  12. Bloodworth

    Clear for upthrust

    Fri. April 14, 2045 Niven base, Jules Verne crater, lunar far side (Reuters) The general feeling at Niven was celebratory as myself and a few VIP’s waited in a sheltered area outside the ATC dome in the minutes before the launch. The crews of Armstrong and the Enterprise had been...
  13. Bloodworth

    The edge of the void

    Wed. April 12, 2045 Niven base, Jules Verne crater, lunar far side (Reuters) In the 30 years since the first commercial space agencies opened space and the creation of more powerful and efficient rocket engine designs and fuels; mankind has reached forth and begun the colonization of our...
  14. Bloodworth

    Base Olympus Base ancient alien outpost enhancement

    I only ask because I am not a programmer, nor an artist. Could somebody (in your spare time) please make an Olympus Base enhancement that turns Olympus Base into an abandoned and dilapidated ancient alien outpost? Why else would it be there for missions in the early/mid 21st century unless it...
  15. Bloodworth

    Project Status

    well, it's been a while since Ive been on anything remotely resembling regularly. The family and I were homeless for a while and my laptop died (permanently). What is the current status of Project Prometheus? It appears to have stalled out, but has it died completely?
  16. Bloodworth

    General Question Arrow Freighter WTF

    Ok, here's a weird one for you. While using the Arrow freighter on my Acer laptop, everything is going fine until I step up to the front window. when I attempt to step BACK from the window the screen goes black for a couple of seconds. When the image comes back, it is upside down! Then I...
  17. Bloodworth

    Idea UCGO rack for SSBB

    forgive me if this already exists (and by all means, please, point me toward it) but what I need is a cargo rack to attach to SSBB stations that will hold several ucgo cargo units. I'm not certain whether the SSBB cargo modules are actually functional or not but I need to be able to hold extra...
  18. Bloodworth

    General Question XPDR beacon

    How do I add an XPDR transmitter to a ship? The James Cook does not have one which makes rendezvous with it somewhat of a pain in the ass; especially when the rendezvous takes place on the night side of a planet. I've tried going into my scenario file and simply adding the XPDR line there...
  19. Bloodworth

    Problem Orbiter ctd - possible dgiv problem?

    Ok, Im having a ctd issue while running a scenario (long term). There are 7 vessels in the scenario, 4 dgiv, xr2, xr5 and James Cook. The scenario has been running fine while using the xr vessels and jamescook. The problem seems to arise when I use one of the dgiv's. All runs well until I...
  20. Bloodworth

    Meteor or space junk?

    I saw the shooting star of all time last night and was wondering if anyone could help me identify it. I'm fairly certain it was a piece of space debris. At approximately midnight, Sunday night, Monday morning I stepped outside here in Juneau, Alaska and just happened to look up in time to see...