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  1. Bj

    Gaming What makes a game fun?

    Simulators by their nature have no definable goals, and yet, what would keep our draw to them... or am I wrong, do we fly a few missions then we are bored and go try something else? After you have flow a trip somewhere in Orbiter, do you keep going to the next level or do you call it quits...
  2. Bj

    Don't ever believe dowsing

    Yesterday, we have contractors putting in fiber between buildings. They needed to find a junction underground where one building connects to another. They had this old map they went by, but it is so inaccurate, it put the place to dig in around a 20 foot radius. Guess what they resorted to...
  3. Bj

    Question Quick Physics question

    Edit: As you can tell, I am not having a good day... this will be back to readable in a quick few seconds... Ok guys so a little physics question about Gravitational constant and law of universal gravitation. So.. (I am trying to find the force of the Sun on my body)...
  4. Bj

    OFMM Development Signup

    Please note: This is not all the modules we are bringing and working on, these just are the ones that are really 'going to be needed no matter what.' More will come I'm sure. This is a description and a difficulty analysis of the models/textures/config-dll developing. You are free to sign up...
  5. Bj

    OFMM General Discussions

    Alright gents new beginning, few announcements, First I have a reference for the mission ahead (download it below). I left out a few important things like weight budgets, or mission profile. Ill add that tommorrow. Ill give it 24 hours from now to find any drastic errors, if so we will hold...
  6. Bj

    OFMM MSEP: Mars Surface Experiments Package

    I have been going over the wiki just now and realized we don't have a full list of things for our MSEP experiments. So far we have the basic: Central Station -includes radio and whatever Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG)-power RTG Cask I saw 'Establish a grid network of permanent...
  7. Bj

    OFMM Crew

    First I want everyone to keep in mind this program doesn't span a one round trip to Mars. This can continue for multiple missions with many more UMMU in the scenarios. That being said, how many UMMU are we wanting to go on this first landing trip? Are they going to be NPCs or are we going to...
  8. Bj

    OFMM Development: Power Systems

    Working on the power generators for this mission, I have ran into a few technicalities that need to be kinked out. Skip to the bottom for summary First off, I found nice reactor design(s) called SP-100 Now I came to the power...
  9. Bj

    Pann-Starrs telescope begins operations to hunt asteroids I wish I had a 1.4 gigapixel camera :lol:
  10. Bj

    Question Java programming- GUI display changes

    :censored: In NetBeans; When running; why do these programs have nothing better to do than annoy? (Same relative thing happened in Eclipse. Different project entirely though.) oh great, I closed it, reopened it and it showed as the same pic as pic 2.... Perfect, I try editing...
  11. Bj

    SDK Question Access violation, oapiWriteScenario

    Here is the problem; Access violation reading location This is it (shortened) string name = "hi"; char * buff; name.push_back(NULL); //append 0 to string so string is 0 terminiated //name now == 'hi[null]' //just to be sure- strcpy(buff,name.c_str())...
  12. Bj

    News 'North Korean torpedo' sank South's navy ship - report

    If anyone has been watching that March 26 S. Korea sinking, they finally reported what happened. So they did it, but now what?
  13. Bj

    C++ Question .dll or .lib?

    Quite simply, I want to hide a particular portion of the code from others, while still letting them integrate. So I know a .dll is a dynamic library, while .lib is a static library. However, the functions I need are dependent on the simulator state (ie it uses opcPreStep) Can I use a .lib...
  14. Bj

    SDK Question VESSELSTATUS2 surf_lat/surf_lng return weird results

    Using this; DLLCLBK void opcPostStep(double simt, double simdt, double mjd) { OBJHANDLE oh = oapiGetFocusObject(); VESSEL * v = oapiGetVesselInterface(oh); VESSELSTATUS2 tmp; v->GetStatusEx(&tmp); sprintf (oapiDebugString(), "%f, %f", tmp.surf_lat,tmp.surf_lng); }with the...
  15. Bj

    OFMM Signup

    Everyone that's participating in OFMM, post in this thread what roles you wish to perform (ie ground crew, pilot ext) Please only 1 post per. Edit if you change your mind about anything. Please, keep the roles loose. ie, being a pilot could mean anything from flying a space shuttle to a...
  16. Bj

    Humor Email spam/attacks... they are getting really tricky

    I just finished finalizing my install of Win 7 and just installed AVG only a few hours ago, and this ended up in my mail from [email protected]; the attached file was removed and replaced by either AVG or my colleges email scanners. It said; 1st, I never sent anything by UPS ever in my life :lol...
  17. Bj

    E-ELT Location chosen What gets me is how can they make up for the atmospheric distortions? Must be some pretty advanced stuff.
  18. Bj

    Question Taking on Pirates Has everyone been following up on that oil tanker taken up by pirates? Looks like the pirates abandoned it. I wonder why though. Anyway I saw a link in there that asks, 'can pirates be defeated'
  19. Bj

    Question hostmonster / web hosting service

    Has anyone had any experience with hostmonster? I see it is recommended top of the list at but I see mixed reviews here; Are those cases old/dumb clients? Or does any one have any other suggestions for 'pay for' web hosting...
  20. Bj

    News Firefox releases security patch

    Update your Firefox people :thumbup: