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    Hello everybody

    dear Federico, Fulvio, despite my location I am Italian too, so welcome to the forum...and happy flights!!!!
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    Welcome indeed!!!! i guess since 2003 you may deeply appreciate all developments done to Orbiter by this wonderful community of people ! :cheers:
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    Welcome!!! :cheers:
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    Greetings, I come in peace

    hi and welcome.....greetings from Bangkok :cool:
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    i forgot two others issues: while the target distance on the hud is almost the same as the distance in the dokcing mfd, why the target range rate is very different from the CVEL ? next, if you see my screenshots, sometimes you see over imposed to the main hud some weird imagines of the soyuz...
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Hi Diogon, I just tried again the rendezvous from the default scenario “Soyuz 18-1 pre-rendezvous”. As I noticed that in the VC I get only 18-20 fps while in HUD view I got 55-60 fps (depending if the earth is in view or not) I tried to run the mission almost always in the HUD view and so I...
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    Question Create a Space Shuttle Ultra Scenario

    hi, the SSU project is cancelled, it was reported by one of the original developers (so i guess there is no need to waste time in dueling with it anymore). anyhow they also mentioned that the spirit of SSU is reborn in SSV of GLS, which is already an improvement compared with the old SSU, and it...
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Hi Diogon, Thank you for your fast reply, I am not so fast as you … 1) About the globe and missing red digits … thanks to your guide I find out what I was doing wrong; I just reinstalled a new orbiter 2016 + your new version and everything is ok, I get the red digits to set the decimals part...
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Hi Diogon, i am trying to follow your flight tutorial ... really helpful, almost managed to do a full mission, but still something i am doing wrong, so please if you could explain i would be highly appreciated. 1) when you need to set the orbital period in the "globe" ... i saw that in the pdf...
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    dear "diogon" ... highly appreciated all your efforts and technicalities, but as you mentioned high fidelity addons with little real documentation to get inspiration from are very rear, especially for free, so your project is going to be tough for sure, but "Rome has not been built in one day"...
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    hi diogon, nice to see your new release and your outstanding steady progresses, thank also for the flight notes/tutorial like document, it was really a nice surprise, especially now that the spacecraft is getting more complex to operate realistically. hope you carry on with the good work in...
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    Apollo 9: P52 Opt 1 (Preferred) at T+5:10:00 Question

    hi Wedge313, maybe i may help you this time :) when you do P30 followed by P40, next you can do the P52 option 1, and so you should be able to realign the platform (depending on which attitude you are before, you may risk a gimbal lock upon torquing, if you get the alarm just yaw 30 deg one...
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    hello orbiters

    welcome! :cheers: in orbiter you may really enjoy real spaceflight dynamics, which may be very complicated to master and understand, but thanks to the good work of the developers of Orbiter as well as all addons revolving around it, is possible to select different levels of complexity, so that...
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    welcome, indeed in this forum I met a lot of really nice, friendly and polite people, which make a pleasure to post ... all the best for your spaceflights (y)
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    Apollo 9 Documentation?

    hi Wedge313, first of all congratulations for all your flown missions, it seems RTCC is no longer a mystery for you now (i am trying to understand it by looking at all your missions and help you got along the way...really instructive indeed). last year (?) when i flown the A9 i managed to get...
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    News The Space Shuttle for Flightgear 3.6

    dear MaxQ thank you, highly appreciated your words. I guess i can find some friends who know how to assemble a computer, as far as i know what to buy, as they cannot guide me in doing that as not too much "gaming/simulations" oriented people around me .... so maybe thanks to you i could make a...
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    Question Realistic Addon-Spacecraft with simulated systems?

    there are also the following spacecrafts: Project Mercury by BigMac - you need to get the original mercury manuals and checklists to understand how to operate it Soyuz mode by Diogom ... still in earlier stages of development but at least he provided the community with the 1st realistic Soyuz...
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    News The Space Shuttle for Flightgear 3.6

    Dear FG Space Shutte enthusiasts, I may kindly need your guidance for buying a new computer, only for simulation purposes, approximate budget 4’000-5’000 euro/dollars, expected life span 5 years minimum. This is what I would like to run without any frame rates or visual issues in future...
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    [NASSP 8][Apollo 8] Realtime simulation Debriefing

    EUREKA!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you INDY91. I changed the hot keys combinations to rotate the screen from the intel graphic set up page, and now i can enjoy all the view points STS was alluding too, indeed with those activated, now moving inside the VC is all another experience ... thanks a lot...
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    [NASSP 8][Apollo 8] Realtime simulation Debriefing

    if the "cursor (left/right/up/down) are the "arrow keys" than it seems i have a problems to run / use them to access these "view positions". if i am in VC and i try to hit any combinations of CTRL+ALT+ARROW keys (up or down or left or right) i got a CTD , an error message and the screen get...