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    Finding StarLink orbital histories via Python

    Dropping in here after quite a long time away. I have been looking at StarLink orbits on, using Python 3.x. Here's my ## ## ## (c) 2019 Andrew Stokes All Rights Reserved ## ## ## Simple Python app to extract Starlink satellite history data from...

    API Question Sketchpad - how do you clip text

    Looking for advice on how to intentionally clip text outside of an arbitrary rectangle on the HUD. For example, shopping the top 8 pixels off a string, if the position straddles the top of window. Reason: I want to deliver a speed tape on a HUD, and I want the text to slide off the window a...

    API Question Calculating AROT question

    I have an RPOS and RVEL to Earth, for a DefSetStateEx call (using GPOS, GVEL of course). I want the AROT to orient the vehicle along the velocity vector, "right way up". My thinking: Z-hat comes from normalized RVEL, X-hat comes from cross product of RPOS and RVEL, and Y-hat is then the cross...

    API Question oapiGetObjectType() can access violate

    (Moved to on Jedidia's advice. Mods please delete thread)

    Lagrange MFD 1.0 for Orbiter 2016

    Announcing Lagrange MFD! Lagrange MFD is an Orbiter 2016 MFD utility to allow you to explore the Lagrange points of Sun-Earth, and Earth-Moon. It's based on a highly accurate state integrator designed by Keith Gelling. This utility plots your...

    Transatlantic Ham Radio question

    Anyone out there into Ham Radio? I'm curious if you can routinely get a transatlantic US <> UK/EU radio signal from normal (non-exotic) equipment, presumably bouncing the signal off the ionosphere. Is it a stable signal? Theoretically - what would the optimal frequency be for this, if you...
  7. ADSWNJ - new Planet Explorer Beta

    I saw this company ( at the Google Cloud Conference this week. Their goal is to image the world daily and make it available for research and for commercial use. Their Plant Explorer Beta is now available free of charge. Check it out, Orbitnauts!

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving, Orbitnauts! Thanks for a great forum and community, an awesome set of addons, and for Martin's whole simulation platform that makes all this possible.

    Question Why is GGRAV set to 6.67259e-11 in Orbiter?

    I was reviewing some orbital constants with my new astrophysics buddy Keith Gelling, and I was surprised to see that Orbiter's gravitational constant was different to the current official value: GGRAV: 6.67259E-11 N·(m/kg)2 Official: 6.673889 × 10−11 N·(m/kg)2 Actually - I was more surprised...
  10. ADSWNJ

    News Muhammad Ali 1942-2016 The greatest world heavyweight boxing champion of all time, the like of which we will not see again for a very long time. Back before pay-per-view and other fight sports (e.g. UFC)...
  11. ADSWNJ

    Debugging a gnarly problem on Windows I saw this in Quite a fascinating trail for any serious developers, and very nicely written up by the author.
  12. ADSWNJ

    Advanced Question Orbit Hangar - what approach for Orb 2016 vs 2010?

    I'm assuming when the new beta is released, we will have four types of addons: (1) Compatible with Orbiter 2010 but not Orbiter 2016. (2) Compatible with Orbiter 2016 but not Orbiter 2010. (3) Compatible with both Orbiter 2010 and 2016, with the same package. (4) Compatible with both Orbiter...
  13. ADSWNJ

    Question MFD: How to link to oapi::Module properly?

    I'm doing some work on Glideslope 2, and I would like to update the opcPreStep to use oapi::Module::clbkPreStep instead. I am looking for a generic how-to on how this is meant to work. Current implementation code snippet for ... opcDLLInit, opsDLLExit, opcPreStep, opcDeleteVessel, MsgProc...
  14. ADSWNJ

    SDK Question Coding for Beta plus Backwards Compatibility to O2010

    What's the general advice on coding for the beta plus Orbiter 2010? I would like to take advantage of the new elevation model, but have the code gracefully fall back to the default model for previous versions. What I want to understand is how to determine the Orbiter version at runtime, and...
  15. ADSWNJ

    On Ej Orientation...

    So, I was planning on doing an XR-2 flight to Mars today, but in the end never got off the runway :). I had a nice plan laid in with TransX, at around date 57421, 2679 PG, -959 Out, 1773 ChP, so I was looking for an optimal Ej Orientation from around 57418 onwards. Here's a set of data noted...
  16. ADSWNJ

    Discussion Setting up Orbiter project w/property pages

    Orb is right: using property pages is a very nice way to keep the hacking of configuration settings to a minimum. I am playing with a couple of test MFD's for some Xmas work with my buddy Enjo, and I took the time to get the property pages as I wanted them. Here's a quick show-and-tell for you...
  17. ADSWNJ

    API Question Is the URMS attached to my vessel?

    Looking for a snippet of code please to see if a target vehicle is attached to an arm (e.g. URMS), which is attached to our ship. I'm thinking it's enumerating the attachments of the target to find an arbitrary intermediate arm vessel, which is attached to our vessel, but I'd like to see this...
  18. ADSWNJ

    URMS words of wisdom for manipulating modules and building stuff

    Looking for pearls of wisdom from expert station builders and module manipulators using the URMS. What techniques do you recommend? Some things I find difficult: 1. Manipulating the grappled object to do a clean dock with e.g. a free-floating part-built space station. I find it easier to move...
  19. ADSWNJ

    OFSS IV Documentation thread

  20. ADSWNJ

    OFSS IV Full Install Walkthrough

    This is a walkthrough of setting up a clean installation specifically for OFSS IV.You may be wondering 'I have Orbiter running already, so I can just install what's missing, right?'. Wrong! Very often you will find that a particular install sequence of addons causes a conflict, which thenyou...