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  1. RGClark

    Launch News Starhopper scheduled for Monday, Aug. 26th 200m test hop.

    Perhaps there wouldn’t be so much concern for the launch by officials if it didn’t have such a, shall we say, unfinished, appearance: Bob Clark
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    News Viking mission experimenters present their view that life exists on Mars.

    Drs. Gil Levin and Patricia Straat were interviewed on The Space Show Saturday:
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    ESA's Callisto reusability testbed as an *operational* TSTO and SSTO.

    ESA's Callisto reusability testbed as an *operational* TSTO and SSTO. Key questions that need to be answered for this to be feasible: 1.)What's average Isp with altitude compensation? 2.)Extensible nozzle...
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    Europa Clipper as a *lander* mission on commercial rockets.

    The latest NASA budget suggests the Europa Clipper, an orbiter mission to the Jovian-system to study Europa, won’t fly on the SLS, but instead on commercial rockets: However, instead of just an orbiter mission, by using...
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    Discussion Ariane 6 core stage for the Space Launch System(SLS) upper stage.

    NASA has just announced they want to send manned flights to the Moon within 5 years. The plan has been to use the SLS for such flights as a launcher comparable in payload to the Saturn V, ca. 130 tons to LEO. The problem is this would require the Exploration Upper Stage(EUS) for the SLS, a large...
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    News India to become a manned space-faring nation in 2022. ESA could beat that.

    Recently announced that India plans on launching a manned space mission in 2022: If ESA followed the approach to the Ariane 6 of using a second Vulcain on the Ariane 5 core, it could have a...
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    News Changes to the SpaceX BFR rocket.

    Elon on his twitter account said SpaceX now wants to move to metals for the tanks and structures of the BFR: He said the move was "counter-intuitive". Perhaps this is because of the...
  8. RGClark

    Launch News Princeton student team to attempt suborbital space launch Sunday.

    Nice article here on the Princeton Rocketry Teams attempt at a suborbital space flight. The launch is scheduled for Sunday, May 27th at 10am Eastern Time, 8am Mountain, with Monday, May 28th as the backup date: Princeton Rocketry Club to Launch First Student Rocket into Outer Space. Wednesday...
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    News Russia ceding commercial launch market to SpaceX?

    Russia appears to have surrendered to SpaceX in the global launch market "The 4 percent stake isn’t worth the effort to try to elbow Musk and China aside." ERIC BERGER - 4/18/2018, 10:01 AM...
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    Science $2 million prize for a personal flying machine.

    Boeing will give $2 million to anyone who can build a functional jetpack. Flying cars are so passé By Andrew J. [email protected] Sep 26, 2017, 12:30pm EDT Deadline for submitting a proposal outline is April...
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    Poll Men: would you carry a pregnancy? Women: would you want your man to?

    There was a news report Friday that a woman with a transplanted uterus gave birth. There arises the question could a man with a transplanted uterus carry a pregnancy, with a Cesarean delivery? This fertility expert says yes: Womb ops mean that men 'could get pregnant tomorrow' as top surgeon...
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    SpaceX BFR stages as SSTO's.

    The SpaceX BFR tanker can serve as a reusable SSTO by switching to a winged, horizontal landing mode: SpaceX BFR tanker as an SSTO. Bob Clark ---------- Post added 10-25-17 at 11:52 AM ---------- Previous post was...
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    Science High-tech "babelfish".

    Earbuds can translate in real time. Business Insider UK on Twitter: "These amazing earbuds can translate foreign languages in real time, and could revolutionise travelling." Bob Clark
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    Amateur solid rockets for cubesat launch to orbit.

    Solid rocket motors that amateurs have been launching for years can be combined by staging and stacking to form a fully orbital rocket. Such orbital rockets are within the capabilities of most universities to construct. The result will be a radical reduction in launch costs to orbit for small...
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    News Water ice near the equator on Mars.

    Water ice found near Mars’s equator could entice colonists and life-seekers Find also poses climate puzzle SCIENCEMAG.ORG Very interesting finding. Daytime surface temperatures...
  16. RGClark

    News EM drive featured in sci-fi series "Salvation"

    In the new CBS summer series, "Salvation", the EM-drive is introduced in the third episode as the propulsion system to be used to divert a large asteroid headed towards Earth: Salvation. The series features an Elon Musk-like character Darius Tanz who is...
  17. RGClark

    News Maryam Mirzakhani, only woman to take math's highest award, dies at 40.

    Taken from us far too soon by cancer one of the bright young lights of mathematics and a great inspiration for young women scientists: Maryam Mirzakhani, only woman to take math's highest award, dies at 40. By Jason Hanna, CNN Updated 3:51 PM ET, Sat July 15, 2017...
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    News Galaxy Sci-Fi magazine put up free online.

    Issues of Galaxy science fiction magazine from the 50's to the 70's have been put up online for free: Seminal sci-fi magazine 'Galaxy' is now free online The archive contains issues from 1950 - 1976 and includes early stories from heavy-hitting authors. Rob LeFebvre, @roblef 07.14.17 in...
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    Close to the Sun orbiting mirrors for beamed propulsion?

    NASA just announced a solar probe to travel quite close to the Sun, about 3.7 million miles from the solar surface: Nasa’s hotly anticipated solar mission renamed to honour astrophysicist Eugene Parker. Renamed the Parker Solar Probe to honour solar astrophysicist who predicted high speed solar...
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    News Plasma propulsion for aircraft and spacecraft.

    Plasma propulsion could eventually become effective and useful for higher altitude aviation, airships and eventually space access. brian wang | May 20, 2017...