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  1. johndeere5

    Orbiter 2010 Force Closing with Addons

    Hello, I'm here to inform you that orbiter keep force closing :facepalm: on me when loading cargo on xr5 and force close for no apparent reason, can't even get it to work right and not force close on me while I'm flying, orbiting, whatever, so I'm quitting Orbiter, to much problem with it, a lot...
  2. johndeere5

    Request Lost in Space the Movie: Jupiter Space Craft

    I have the movie on the modern version of Lost In Space which I have in VHS format and in the process on looking for a DVD version to replace it, anyway, I am wondering if anyone can create the Jupiter spacecraft, I do not remember if it was Jupiter 1 or 2, I'm not looking for the old style Lost...
  3. johndeere5

    General Question CTV-ATV2-Phoenix Download Problem

    I clicked on the external link to search for download of this spacecraft, then I clicked the CTV-ATV2-Phoenix within the photo lineup so to take me to the download page, so here's the problem, when I click it, then after about a minut, it shows the word ERROR on my screen that it cannot go to...
  4. johndeere5

    General Question Delta II with MER Rover Help

    I asked the question to OrbitHangar at and so far got no respond though, so here's the question on this thread: Is this fully automatic flight to Mars? If there's any other spacecraft/probs/rovers that does a complicated automatic flight to...
  5. johndeere5

    General Question DeltagliderIV Autopilot Help

    I'm using the DeltagliderIV, when I go into space using the AP, and once in stable orbit and near ISS, I use the AP docking, now heres the question, what frequency is ISS docking for DGIV and where can I find ISS frequencies for other spacecrafts that dock into their own port?
  6. johndeere5

    General Question Manned/Unmanned Craft Search Help

    I had some unmanned probes and some manned craft I had but lost due to backup storage drive has failed, so here's a question regarding to the crafts I've lost: I had some manned/unmanned craft/probe that are fully automatic, from launch to landing at destination and the return trip, can anyone...
  7. johndeere5

    General Question Addon Help

    The spacecraft I downloaded required the following addon which I cannot find, any help? IMFD v5.3 IMFD v4.2.1
  8. johndeere5

    General Question Deltaglider Autopilot

    I forgot which one of the deltaglider that I have that include its own moder autopilot system, anyway, here's some question regarding to the autopilot, when I'm on Earth and want to go to Mars, I input the proper code in the autopilot panel below the primary panel, when I did so then press...
  9. johndeere5

    Idea Modern Sci-Fi Autopilot

    I have 2 thing I would like to say: 1) If there's an autopilot available that I'm requesting, then I need help on finding it, 2) If it's not available, then it will be a request and the information is below, thanks. I'm a sci-fi fan, especially "Lost In Space" movie. My request is that can...