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  1. Bendarr

    Challenge Old School stuff

    Inspired by a post I made in another thread I decide to make it official. Here are my thoughts, the Orbitnaut uses a lot of MFDs in their typical flight. Let's go back in time (aka 1950's Robert Heinlein for example) and see if people can do without. The conditions: 1) A DGIV parked on KSC...
  2. Bendarr

    Request Auto docking auto pilot for the XR2 series?

    Yes, I admit it, I suck at docking. Would it be possible to have a auto pilot auto docking sequence like the DGIV series? I'm mainly interesting in the XR2 for this.
  3. Bendarr

    At it again or how not to go to Mars

    (Aboard the ISS a couple of weeks later we find Charlie looking at a Monitor with great interest. Boris joins him.) Boris: "OK, why the evil grin?" Charlie: "He's at it again." Boris: "The rookie pilot who shot past us Vertically going up and down cursing all the while? I won money with...
  4. Bendarr

    Request Pilgrim Observer

    Back in the 70's (Yeah, I'm showing my age here (chuckle)). I had a model kit of the Pilgrim Observer. It's basics are this. Launch from the surface of the Earth using uprated Saturn V engines (3 of them). Once you are in orbit, you eject the aeroshroud, extend a NERVA drive engine on a...
  5. Bendarr

    Hello, Everyone!

    Hi there! I'm relatively new to Orbiter. I'm flailing around, but I'm having a blast as I do so. There are times when I'll succumb to the "What happens when I try this?" mode. That's where half the fun is at times.I've posted in a couple of threads and now have a couple of blog entrys, so I...
  6. Bendarr

    Yo-Yo ride Redux (oooops!)

    Continuing the adventures of someone who really shouldn't be behind the joystick. As some of you may have figured out by now, I'm a sort of fly by the "seat of the pants" and "That looks about right." type of pilot. Sort of instinct. Well, instinct can be very wrong at times especially when...
  7. Bendarr

    Whadya mean I'm on fire! I shouldn't burn up yet!

    The fumbling misadventures of someone who really shouldn't be behind a joystick. I had orbiter a while back but ended up losing in in a systems crash a while ago and decided to give it another go. Went ahead, got the files, the sound files, the DGIV (wonderful craft!) then tried to read some...