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  1. Trigger Furious

    Request Just a few requests

    Love the new 2010 P1! All praises to Martin S. for his historical contribution to the world. Please add fly by view and Warpdrive. I use the Super Millennium Falcon just because I like it's power. Wish I could edit it in .cfg file. Not interested...
  2. Trigger Furious

    Programming Question How to use spacecraft3.dll?

    I want to see the lbatwing. So far all I get is the cockpit. Do I need to make a configure file? I placed the downloaded spacecraft3 cfg into configure folder. When I open it I only see two linesl. I have used other cfg files as templates to create files. How does orbiter use the spacecraft3?:huh:
  3. Trigger Furious

    Orbiter 090331

    I have downloaded the latest Orbiter Beta and I love it. I got lucky and have been using the MFalcon(Super Millenium Falcon) with it just because I can. I love the LUA MFD scripts to use with the Delta Glider. I am looking for more addons for 090331. I have begun to research creating DLLs. I...