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    General Question Phobos, Mars, and Deimos all looking weird with D3D9

    Hello! It seems like my orbiter 2016 install has a problem with the graphics. For Phobos and Deimos, it loads a lot of the tiles as parts of a sphere, even though I'm close to the moon. Mars has a similar problem where far away chunks don't align properly with near ones. All settings left...
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    General Question Can I transfer more than eight people to a vessel using UMMUFA?

    I want to transfer a crew of ten to the Deepstar, is this possible? All I can see in the config file are color options, hud size and stuff like that which isn't too helpfull.
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    General Question Deepstar and ICV crew transfer

    How do I transfer crew back to the XR2 after transfering it to the Deepstar or the Interplanetary Carrier Vessel? Can't find a way to do this in the manuals. How do I transfer people to the landers?
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    Flight Question Flying an assembly of Altea vessels

    Is there some way for me to tell orbiter or at least some of the mfd's or the autopilot that I'm flying an assembly of two ships? I would like to use an XR5 as an interplanetary vessel while having an XR2 docked to it as a lander. Is this possible? :hailprobe: ---------- Post added at 04:47 PM...
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    Software Help with orbiter versions

    Hi What does for example 2010-P1 mean and how does it differ from build# like 100830. I want to install orbiter 2010 for better add-on compability but I'm unsure what version of the D3D9 to install. The R15? Also, can I install the current version of the xr-vessels or do I have to download some...
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    Hi people

    So this is too true! (Tinypic is being mean and not leting me upload, thus the url) Where are you guys from? I've been an orbonaut for some months now. I'm finally learning to use TransX. Have gotten to Mars and Mercury with the ravenstar. No successful landings yet...
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    General Question Best laucnher Orbiter 2016

    Do anyone know any good launchers/boosters for Orbiter 2016? Something I could hook the XR2 up with. Help is dearly appreciated. :hailprobe:
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    General Question How to edit crew on XR ships

    Hi I've done some editing of both the scenario files and the config files way back. I had to reinstall orbiter. How do I effectively make it so there's only one pilot (me) as default? Do I also have to update every scenario file too? How do I get rid of the ugly meshes of the commander and the...
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    Problem Runtime error

    When I load up Orbiter_ng.exe, it seem to stutter a little. After two to three minutes Orbiter gives me this message Running 64-bit Windows 10 I have tried to install the folowing to fix the problem VC 2005 x86 VC 2005 x64 VC 2008 x86 VC 2008 x64 VC 2010 x86 VC 2010 x64 VC 2013 x86 VC 2013...