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  1. penlu

    Pentaborane and oxygen difluoride-specific impulse?

    It's said almost everywhere you search through that a mix of pentaborane-9 and oxygen difluoride would provide the highest rocket specific impulse. Is this true? If so, what would the specific impulse be?
  2. penlu

    General Question Spacecraft3 Spacecraft

    I was wondering how to tell different spacecraft apart when they are spacecraft3 based in scenarios. Do the spacecraft have to be named correctly in the scenario file for them to be the right spacecraft? If I were to go into a SwiftSS scenario and change the name of one of the spacecraft...
  3. penlu

    Request Skylon

    Skylon is a proposal for an SSTO payload vehicle. It would be fun to fly, so... Skylon.
  4. penlu

    Request VASIMR powered lunar tug

    It would be great if someone made this: Just because.
  5. penlu

    Hitting the atmosphere properly.

    I cannot do reentries. When coming down from the ISS or Mir, I always fall short of the base I'm trying to land at. When aerobraking from the moon, I burn up. Can someone tell me what my periapsis should be when coming down from the ISS in a DGIV? Assume the burn happens 180 degrees from the...
  6. penlu

    Full Systems for All Spacecraft!

    I really liked Radu's Dragonfly, after I got the general idea of how to work it. Has anyone done any other spacecraft to full systems? Also, the Dragonfly's docs say it came from 2002. Has Radu stuck in "communications" and active thermal control yet? I would love having another set of...
  7. penlu

    Multiplayer Orbiter

    Has anyone attempted yet to produce an Orbiter in which players can interact with each other? It would be really great for some things. There are a few problems, though: Suppose a couple of people want to fly a huge manned mission to Jupiter. What about time acceleration? How to solve this...
  8. penlu

    Buffer Gasses for Breathing Atmospheres

    I was searching for a new buffer gas for use in spacecraft. Nitrogen is not as dense as most of the noble gasses, so I selected those as my targets. My results: the ratio of argon's ratio of expansion to that of nitrogen's was 1.21 (argon's ratio of expansion is 1:840, nitrogen's is 1:694)...
  9. penlu

    General Question Creating a Solar System

    I want to be able to create a solar system. First, what is "Vsop87E"? It can be found in Config, then Sun, then Data. Second, what is the "ErrorLimit" found in the config files for the planets? If there's anything else I need to know, please tell me about that too. Thanks!
  10. penlu

    Mission Geometry-Venus Direct

    I believe that everyone in this forum knows about Mars Direct, its general format, etc. I've been thinking about something sustainable for Venus. It could be a great location to have orbital power stations or something. We'll find uses for Venus. It's hard and my idea is a bit more messy...
  11. penlu

    My Crazy, Wacky, sometimes even Stupid Ideas

    Here are a few of the ideas I've put down in my notebook. There are a few more, but there's a maximum upload quantity of five, so I can't put them up. Next post, I guess.
  12. penlu


    I just wanted to tell everyone about a little doohickey I found one day while reading a book. The ACCRETE program by Carl Sagan and some others will generate a solar system. So I searched it and found a tweaked version somebody made that included things like surface temps and pressures, etc...
  13. penlu


    Anybody have any weird, new ideas for a fast, efficient form of propulsion? Something like those crazy peoples invented: Bussard ramjets, solar sails, magnetic sails, fusion-direct exhaust, fusion-energy conversion, nuclear, solar- anything? Those types of propulsion can be pretty neat. I'll...
  14. penlu


    I get all kinds of stuff always bouncing around in my head. It gets annoying. I put here. A weird planet, maybe: Imagine something about the size of Mars. It's covered with a giant liquid sea of whatever you want the sea to be. Now, because of an asteroid impact, some debris is blasted...
  15. penlu


    LEO to Saturn with only 5 km/s Delta-V. I'm wondering whether or not this is possible. The Hohmann transfer from Earth to Mars requires 3 km/s Delta-V, not counting escape. It takes 258 days, a bit long. So it 1.) becomes desirable to speed things up a bit and 2.) makes it so that in the...
  16. penlu

    55 Cancri

    For some reason, the link to download 55 Cancri doesn't seem to be working. It leads you to some sort of adoption site for "Pinellas" or something. Where else can I get 55 Cancri?
  17. penlu

    Event Horizon Film

    Tex's Event Horizon used a different solar system. What is it?
  18. penlu

    Release MFD

    So I'm flying the SwiftSS. At the proper time, I call up ReleaseMFD on the SS booster to release myself from the big flat thing that brought me up here. I click, and nothing happens. Followed shortly by a very messy reentry. Why isn't release MFD working? I've tried it 6 times now in...
  19. penlu

    Slingshot to Uranus

    If you launched from Mars's moon, Phobos, on a Hohmann transfer to Saturn and slingshotted around it to Uranus, how long would it take to get to Uranus? Could someone also give me a launch window?
  20. penlu

    Single Stage to Orbit Vehicle

    A single stage to orbit vehicle is really difficult. I think that if the fuel tanks were combustible, the vehicle could become single stage to orbit. Right?